I’ve been neglecting this site lately, not out of laziness,but from a lack of time. With the help of a couple others I’ve been busy building Autocult.net. A strong platform for us to provide coverage of our (your) car scene. What better way to launch it than with coverage from each day at World Time Attack Challenge?

All three days of World Time Attack Challenge provided non-stop action and some crazy fast lap times! Not to mention the super high quality of cars and girls on display too.

Thursday’s practice was a strong sign of what was being brought the competition by each team. The preparation before each practice session was a sure sign of things to come for the two days of competition. Each time spent every moment between sessions prepping their vehicle, changing settings, analysing data or planning for the subsequent sessions.

The cars were screaming and lap times continued to fall throughout the day. Most drivers and teams weren’t even pushing their limits or doing full flying laps yet.We were all impressed, and excited about what was to come…

The Cyber Evo was running strong in the morning but had a few issues as the day went along.

The Cyber Evo blew a turbo on practice day.

But a new turbo was sources, fitted and tested in a matter of hours. Why can’t I have a team like that sitting in my garage waiting to maintain my Evo?

The car was back on the track for Friday’s first session of actual competition. Most of the other teams were still dialing in settings for Eastern Creek’s unique layout and elevations for the first couple of sessions. Initial lap times were still quicker than the previous year.

Each team had stepped up their game. Car’s were quicker with a much more hardcore focus on aero and teams seems more prepped and ready for action than in previous years. I think WTAC is setting a new standard for this sort of event in Australia.

Time Attack is an excellent race format even for the teams with less modified cars and a smaller budget. Having that space between runners means there’s less chance of damaging the car. The sprint nature puts less pressure on the car too.

Watching the Clubsprint and Open Class boys was great. Although they might not be as powerful as the Pro Class they were exciting in a different way to watch. The Pro Class is all about pure speed. The Clubsprint is all about watching a man wrestle the best time from his car. They’re completely different machines and require different driving. The Open class sits somewhere between the two.