2016 Vivid Sydney Night Photography Workshop

I look forward to the #Vivid Light Festival that takes over Sydney every year during June. Every year the team behind the event find ways to out do themselves with their amazing light installations. This year is no different.

Every year that I make it down with my gear and share images I get a stack of emails and messages asking for recommendations on locations, gear and even what settings I used for specific shots.

I thought this year instead of sharing that info after the fact when it’s to late, why not my own workshop during the event? Why not indeed! So this year I’ll be running my first workshop on Saturday the 4th June, 6pm to 10pm.

The cost is $150 per person. To ensure everyone gets the time they deserve and to help create a fun and stress free environment I’m limiting the number of guests to 8.

If you’d like to find out more or book your spot, click here for more info!


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