Racewars: The Movie

We sure do get to experience a lot of interesting things under the Speedhunters moniker. Truly, the most exciting part of my role here lies in the uncertainty of opportunities that await around every corner.

There aren’t too many gigs left in the world that may land you in the passenger seat of a rally car, the driver’s seat of a highly desirable exotic, face-to-face with an icon of motoring history, or unearthing the wildest of DIY garage projects. And quite often with very little to no notice at all.

As diverse as these situations are, they all still retain one commonality: me spending the majority of my time hidden safely behind my camera, hopefully snagging still images that best capture the vibe and feeling of whatever I’m pointing at. It makes sense, right? How else would we document and share what we uncover?

I was instantly intrigued when the question hit my inbox asking how I’d feel about giving my DSLR camera a break while I instead focused on offering some creative direction to a video production team for Racewars. The challenge of something brand new excited me, and knowing that I’d be collaborating closely with a good mate of mine, the incredibly talented Bez Black (Remember our Hunting Unreality video?) I was quick to confirm my interest.

Despite being an entire continent away from home, returning to Racewars feels like home. I hear a similar sentiment from almost every punter that comes together for high-speed hijinks. This was going to be fun.

After a few draft storyboards and a tonne of pre-game banter, a solid game plan of what we wanted to capture before and during the Racewars weekend was formulated. Alongside Bez, we’d also have Andrew Hawkins from Motive grabbing as much of the racing action as possible, and Perth’s Stance Royalty crew chasing the more candid side characters that make Racewars such a unique event on the calendar.

While there is a healthy overlap between the arts of still and moving pictures, going through the process grew my understanding of the many subtle differences between the two. I’d also learn the value of contingency plans and making shit up on the fly when the unexpected happens at events, too.

I won’t lie, I really enjoyed the experience. But enough waffle about our behind the scenes shenanigans – I’ll leave you with our vision of Racewars 2019, along with a bonus gallery from the weekend.

How many stills can you spot that tie in neatly with the final video? Let us know how we went in the comments below.


Matthew Everingham
Instagram: matthew_everingham