A night out with Spiderman

I’ve been planning to do a bit more people work for quite some time now, but a busy schedule always seems to get in the way. Not this time though. I had a fairly open weekend coming up and I really wanted to shoot something different to the usual stuff we see floating around. So I made a few calls and got put on to this guy…

We met up late one evening on a city roof top. We hung out, took some shots and talked about all things super hero. worst villans, favorite powers, uncomfortable costumes and tips on how to win the girl at the end.


Suddenly below us we heard a commotion…. Time to swing into action!

Spidey’s spider sense tingled! He dropped me in a safe position before serving some justice to two thugs attacking a girl in a dark alleyway.

Parts of this blog post may or may not have actually happened. Regardless, I hope you enjoyed this set of SpiderMan images.


Thanks to Joshua Cardozo for his awesome costume building skills, modeling ability and time. Thanks to Joshes mates for playing good bad guys!

I’ve got my next superhero set coming soon, stay tuned.


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