Spotlight : : Magnus Walker’s Sydney Outlaws

After a very busy couple of weeks on official Porsche and Urban Outlaw duties in Australia, Magnus Walker put the last minute call out on his instagram for an Outlaw meet in the heart of the city.

matthew everingham urban outlaw magnus walker sydney car meet

Magnus met fans and spent the majority of the evening signing posters provided by the boys at Autohaus, Porsche memorabilia and even a couple of a cars. In fact, I got in on the signing action too. I’m still not even sure how it happened, but one minute I was talking to Magnus, the next he was getting me to co-sign a very clean Audi A5. Ah the amazing randomness of last minute meets.

matthew everingham urbAan outlaw magnus walker sydney car meet

matthew everingham urbAan outlaw magnus walker sydney car meet

A constant flow of classics and modern super cars snaked their way around the northern foot of the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. The city lights twinkled around the amazing Opera House, all  just on the other side of the harbour. Aside from a lack of beer on tap, you couldn’t have asked for a more perfect or iconic backdrop for Magnus to spend his last night in Oz.

matthew everingham urban outlaw magnus walker sydney car meet

There’s not a lot more to be said, so kick back and enjoy our gallery from the night.


SB Auto’s Turbo MX5 Tech Night

A relatively quiet Wednesday set the scene when over 30 MX-5 enthusiasts descended on Hurlstone Park in Sydney’s inner west  for the first SB Auto Tech Night. SB Auto are relative newcomers to the MX5 scene, having only just entered the MX5 Cup racing series, but they have already caused a scene with their turbo MX5 cutting some impressive lap times. Equally impressive is their supercharged version, which has a presence few MX5s can pull off. Sydney’s MX5 club were keen for a sneak peek behind the curtains to try and find out more about their black magic.

sn--sb-auto-mx5-tech-night_27642712715_o SBauto MX5 Turbo Tech Matthew Everingham SBauto MX5 Turbo Tech Matthew Everingham

The night was cold, but the coffee and cars warmed everyone up. The turnout was impressive; NC cars dominated the numbers, however NAs and NBs still had good showings. Guy Coles’ black beauty ‘Macey’ was a stand out as always, along with with Aden Syrls’ white on white NA.

SBauto MX5 Turbo Tech Matthew Everingham

SBauto MX5 Turbo Tech Matthew Everingham SBauto MX5 Turbo Tech Matthew Everingham

The focus of the evening was turbo MX5 systems, with the attendees able to ask questions and benefit from the extensive knowledge and experience of guest star Stephanie Turner from BEGi.

Stephanie came all the way from Texas USA, home of the BEGi high performance shop. When people think BEGi they often think turbo, however they develop and supply parts for every corner of your car to make it a well balanced weapon. SB Auto can now supply and fit all those tasty BEGI goodies right here in Sydney as the NSW BEGi dealer and preferred installer.

SBauto MX5 Turbo Tech Matthew Everingham SBauto MX5 Turbo Tech Matthew Everingham SBauto MX5 Turbo Tech Matthew Everingham

The night also included discussions about suspension, braking and maintenance to ensure a complete overview and balance. SB Auto is already planning more tech nights with a focus on each of these other important areas.

Later on a few lucky punters were treated to a free wheel alignment check, with Stephanie and the SB Auto crew going through various settings to help the owners and attendees get the most out of their vehicles.

Amazing food fueled the banter, with the last of the attendees staying until after 10pm.

SBauto MX5 Turbo Tech Matthew Everingham SBauto MX5 Turbo Tech Matthew Everingham SBauto MX5 Turbo Tech Matthew Everingham

SBauto MX5 Turbo Tech Matthew Everingham

The two SB Auto demo cars were on display – and it was easy to tell the quality from both BEGi parts and SB Auto workmanship. The cars sparked debate about turbo vs. supercharger, continuing the long asked question ‘which is better?’

SBauto MX5 Turbo Tech Matthew Everingham SBauto MX5 Turbo Tech Matthew Everingham

The turbo race car is already pulling 1:09.16 around Wakefield Park – pretty impressive on a stock internal 1.6L motor, we can’t wait to see how it performs after Steve from SB Auto uses his 40+ year engine building experience to create a bullet proof machine. We’ll have more on that build later on 😉

SBauto MX5 Turbo Tech Matthew Everingham SBauto MX5 Turbo Tech Matthew Everingham SBauto MX5 Turbo Tech Matthew Everingham

The street going supercharged car might not have as much horsepower, but appeals in other ways: its unique grey paintjob, its abundance of carbon fibre parts and the pavement-eating 432nm of torque make this mx5 tough as nails. The fact that it’s fully engineered makes it even better.

SBauto MX5 Turbo Tech Matthew Everingham sn--sb-auto-mx5-tech-night_27642712715_o

We hear whispers a third demo car may enter the fold soon, so stay tuned for more Miata madness.

Big thanks must go to Stephanie & BEGi, Guy Coles & the Sydney Chapter of the MX-5 club and the SB Auto Team for putting on the event and inviting Speed Nation down.

Gosford Car Museum

How awesome was your collection of toy cars when you were growing up? Take yourself back for a minute to remember a couple of your favorites. I can still picture the chips of paint and scratches on my favorites, my yellow Ipec truck, a white Baja Hilux 4×4 with some amazing 80’s decals and a little green triumph TR7. When my cars weren’t scattered across the house and yard they lived in a small, tattered blue suitcase that belonged to my father when he was the around the same age, I’ve still got it in a cupboard. It’s waiting for my boy to get a little older before I hand it all down. A boys car collection is a special thing.

So what if I told you you could relive the amazingness of that collection as fully grown adult with full size cars? Yep, A place that magical really does exist and it opened it’s doors to the public over the weekend.

Gosford Classic Car Museum, Speed Nation, Matthew Everingham

One of the world’s largest collections of rare and desirable cars is now on display at the Gosford Classic Car Museum. It’s doors opened to the public for the very first time on Saturday. The collection waiting inside is world class and confirmed to be of the five largest single collections of desirable vehicles on the planet.

What used to be a Bunnings warehouse has been transformed into the ultimate man cave. Jam packed with the best of the best from every era of motoring and from all corners of the globe. Over 450 cars and bikes are currently on display.  The collection is estimated to cost a whopping around $70 million(Au)!

Gosford Classic Car Museum, Speed Nation, Matthew Everingham

Leading the charge is the most impressive line up of Ferrari’s you’ve never seen before! Including the super exclusive La Ferrari. One of only 499 made and only offered to Ferrari V.I.P’S. Outside of an actual Ferrari event, this is one car I never thought I’d get up close and personal with. Also in the Prancing Stables is an Enzo, F50 and possibly my all time favorite car, the F40. Of course these are just the stand outs. There’s a whole other wall set up as a stable for the more ‘regular’ Ferrari’s.

Gosford Classic Car Museum, Speed Nation, Matthew EveringhamGosford Classic Car Museum, Speed Nation, Matthew Everingham Gosford Classic Car Museum, Speed Nation, Matthew Everingham

In fact there’s a section for just about any thing you’ve ever dreamt about seeing. Lamboghinis to Lancias. Mercedes to Maseratis. Holdens and Hummers. You name it, it’s here. If it isn’t here and it’s desirable, check back in a few months. The plan is that all cars in the museum are up for sale, sold cars will fund new acquisitions so that the cars on display keep moving and changing.

Gosford Classic Car Museum, Speed Nation, Matthew Everingham Gosford Classic Car Museum, Speed Nation, Matthew Everingham

The museum is located in West Gosford, about an hours drive north of Sydney on the motorways. Or if you love driving as much as appreciating fine vehicles you can make a whole day adventure of it and choose to drive up the Old Pacific Highway instead. The Old Pac has some beautiful scenery and some good old fashioned twisty roads. Expect to add another half hour to the trip if you head up this way, which is the way I’d recommend traveling up if you’re short on time.

Gosford Classic Car Museum, Speed Nation, Matthew Everingham Gosford Classic Car Museum, Speed Nation, Matthew Everingham

Some of the history behind the cars is equally as impressive as the vehicles themselves. This Lamborghini Muira was owned by the 60’s British Supermodel/Actress Twiggy. It appeared in numerous photo shoots and was Twiggy’s favorite car for over 30 years. Seeing it up close in person it’s easy to see why she was so smitten. It might not be as fast and lacks the drivability of a new Huracan but it doesn’t need to be. It’s got such an incredible presence. A trait I’m sure was shared with it’s previous owner.

Gosford Classic Car Museum, Speed Nation, Matthew Everingham Gosford Classic Car Museum, Speed Nation, Matthew Everingham

To find the 450 cars on display, some 5000 cars have been inspected across the country, and even overseas in some instances. The collection isn’t all about Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s though, the museum houses a massive collection of Australiana. Both Holden and Ford lovers will be impressed, but from looking at the collection, it’s pretty clear that museum owner Tony Denny is an avid Holden fan, so Holden fans may have a few more reasons to be impressed.

Gosford Classic Car Museum, Speed Nation, Matthew Everingham Gosford Classic Car Museum, Speed Nation, Matthew Everingham

There’s a lot of everything on display, something to suit everyone. Raw Muscle, Refined British touring and some super random finds. Including this DeHaviland Rapide Gypsy racer, fitted with a WWII Fighter plane engine! This was one of my favorite finds in the museum!

Gosford Classic Car Museum, Speed Nation, Matthew Everingham Gosford Classic Car Museum, Speed Nation, Matthew Everingham Gosford Classic Car Museum, Speed Nation, Matthew Everingham

There’s a number of these super random, super awesome finds scattered across the floor. I’d hate to over share and ruin some of the suprises. Best way to find out more… Free up a Saturday or Sunday and experience it all first hand.

You can find out more about the museum HERE on their website.

2016 Vivid Sydney Night Photography Workshop

I look forward to the #Vivid Light Festival that takes over Sydney every year during June. Every year the team behind the event find ways to out do themselves with their amazing light installations. This year is no different.

Every year that I make it down with my gear and share images I get a stack of emails and messages asking for recommendations on locations, gear and even what settings I used for specific shots.

I thought this year instead of sharing that info after the fact when it's to late, why not my own workshop during the event? Why not indeed! So this year I'll be running my first workshop on Saturday the 4th June, 6pm to 10pm.

The cost is $150 per person. To ensure everyone gets the time they deserve and to help create a fun and stress free environment I'm limiting the number of guests to 8.

If you'd like to find out more or book your spot, click here for more info!


The Prestige Collection

Audi Australia and Hertz have recently partnered up to deliver the Audi A3, A4, Q5 and Q7 to the prestige arm of their Australian fleet for hire.


To let the world know about this awesome new arrangement a full set of images were required. We handled the shoot as two smaller sets. A studio set for car selection on the Hertz point of sale. We also did a lifestyle shoot, which I'll cover in a separate blog.

We used the Good Egg studio in Sydney. The space, equipment and staff are second to none in Sydney, maybe even the Southern Hemisphere. The space worked out perfectly for the indivdual shots, but we needed more space to execute the idea for the group shoot. We'll get to that after the BTS photography shots though!  Here are a few images captured by my assistants through out the day:

matthew everingham audi studio matthew everingham audi studio matthew everingham audi studio matthew everingham audi studio

At one stage we were using around 10-12 hot (constant lights) for one car, and taking multiple exposures just to be sure we had captured absolutely everything we'd possibly need to keep the post production as natural to the environment as possible. The results can be seen below. Enjoy!

Audi A3


Audi A4

Audi Q5

Audi Q7

We took advantage of our time in the studio and shot a group shot of all four models. Although we were shooting inside a massive studio space, squeezing four cars inside with a good amount of space between them proved to be impossible. So we ended up taking two  seperate shots and combining them in post production. To make sure that everything would line up and have the correct perspective we took about 1,000 measurements of the space before setting up and moving the cars around.


We wanted to give our end user, Hertz, the most flexibility possible, so we intentionally kept the shot as simple as possible to not limit options later on. The brief was pretty loose and I'd rather revisit a set than find out that I'd spent hours delivering something restricted a client. However, once the safe image was delivered I gave our group shot a second, more personal edit. I applied the same principals that shape Audi to the wonder city of Sydney. Cutting edge. Modern. Sleek. Elegant and Refined.



Next up was the lifestyle segment of the shoot... More to come...

Taronga Zoo Safari

The last time I visited Taronga Zoo I would have been in primary school. Over 20 years ago at a guess, wow, I'm getting old! What makes me feel even older is that we had decided a trip to zoo was in order to celebrate our son's first birthday! We were going on a Birthday Safari!

Taronga Zoo is Sydney's main zoo. It's just a short ferry trip across from the Opera House and even without the animals the park has some AMAZING views of the city and Harbour Bridge. Having not visited the park for so long meant that I was in for a pleasant surprise. The Zoo was absolutely amazing! Opposite to most childhood memories, the zoo was so much larger and impressive than I imagined it. It had undergone several major works since my list visit.

The animal enclosures were super impressive. The Penguin and underwater areas were probably my favorite (Will and Liv's too). I'm fairly certain that it won't take another 20 years to visit the park again. If you're looking for something to do around Sydney it's worth the trip in. Just pack some walking shoes as you'll be walking quite a few km's by the end of the day.

Here's a few happy snaps from our day adventure. Enjoy!

SS Owners Charity Cruise

Of all the years I've been shooting, I don't think I've ever done a proper shoot on a Commodore. Pretty unaustralian right? So when a good friend asked if I'd be able to cover a charity cruise put on by the NSW SS Owners Club I couldn't refuse. I'd get to spend some more time shooting some Aussie Muscle, and I'd get to help the boys and girls support a very worthy cause. The aim of the event was to raise funds for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15 Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

60 SS Commodores participated in the charity cruise. The gang met up at Penrith KK's on a VERY chilly Sunday morning. The club is made up by a wide mix of people, and is very family friendly. After a quick catch up, a look at new mods on a few vehicles and a very needed early morning coffee or two we were on our way.

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

I was lucky enough that Shane, the event organiser had arranged a couple of drivers from the VE Club so us photographers could snap away during the drive. Everyone, meet Rod. Rod's a champ.

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

Almost instantly it was like we're old mates going on a regular cruise. He helps out at a LOT of car events. On a side note, I felt pretty disheartened when I fired up the Evo IX after the event. It just didn't have the same rumble as an eight! His wife was the other driver, she also had a kick arse R8 too.

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

The crew made their way north through Richmond towards their second meeting point at Windsor. There's very little traffic and plenty of nice scenery along the way. It's a good drive if you're feeling restless on a weekend morning.

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

A second group of about 20 cars waiting for us at Windsor McDonalds. This was my favorite rig (The car, maybe).

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

We didn't hang around for long though. Just long enough to regroup and then we hit the road again to our final destination. Wiseman Ferry.

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

The drive gives you a nice mix of Urban, Rural and even some National Park styled roads to drive on. The early morning fog transforms the landscape into a moving painting as you drive along.

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

The last part of the drive is very best. The roadside closes and the road gets super twisty as you cut through the mountains, even when driving at the posted limits it's a satisfying drive.

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

At our final destination the cruise transformed into a massive Show'n'Shine.

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

The Top 5 Trophies on the day where selected by kids affected by Cerebral Palsy. Other trophies on the day included ‘Models choice’ selected by 7 models that were there to complement the high octane machines on display. There was also a ‘people’s choice’ selected by the volunteers who helped put the day together.

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

Despite the cold start, once the sun climbed into position the weather was perfect! Warm sun and a nice breeze. Perfect! Every man and his dog was loving the day!

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

The event was put together by Sean and his cousin Shane Webber. Sean is affected by Cerebral Palsy and wanted to do something to give back to the organisation that has done so much for him. Shane initially rejected the idea as being too hard to organise and manage, but after asking around for support the response was overwhelming with people wanting help.

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

Shane a member of the SSOC then approached the SSOC NSW Co-Presidents Mark Hooshmand and Dwayne Godber who agreed to allow Shane to put together an event through the club. Yep, they're a good bunch of guys. The Months of preparation went into the day were worth while! There is talk about turning this into an annual event, one that will invite other clubs to join in next time! Everyone who attended where impressed with the  high level of professional organisation on the day and expressed lots of praise for the organisers.

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

Holden SS Owners Club Charity Cruise June15

A total of $1,584 was raised on the day and they are looking to increase that figure next year.

Covering Beau's 2JZ 86

I love print media! It has a completely different feel and look to digital and online stuff. I love that it has a texture and you can touch it. It's tangible.

I've had a quite a few partial covers and a few non performance motoring covers, but this month's Japanese Import mag has my first full cover on a performance car mag! Earlier this year I was invited to a private shake down by Aussie drifting star Beau Yates. After months of work, basically a complete teardown and rebuild of the chassis, his 2JZ powered monster was ready for testing (and also a quick photo shoot ;) ) The cover story gets a nine page spread inside! Go Beau!

It's an 86 flavoured month, with 8 pages of coverage from the #Festivalof86 in a special 86 themed Performance Import magazine also on shelves right now.





Audi RSQ3 Review

You could be forgiven for not having heard of the new Audi RSQ3 before.  It's the freshest addition to the Audi fleet, built to fill a hole in the market that most of us didn't know existed. The high performance, compact SUV.  That's right, there's now an official market segment that caters to people who can't decide if they'd prefer a hot hatch, a convenient SUV for completing day-to-day tasks, or a super sports car for some spirited driving.Audi RSQ3

I'll admit that the concept did take some time for me to grasp, but looking at upcoming offerings from other manufacturers, it looks as though it may be the next battleground that car builders go all out in.  Mercedes have the AMG GLA45, the Porsche Macan fits the bill and BMW's X1 and X3 are just screaming for an M logo.  Surely others will also follow the trend if there's an audience with open wallets.Audi RSQ3
My main concern was if the car could deliver all the experiences it alludes to, or if the extreme levels of compromise between 4x4 and sports car would handicap the car. Will it be a Jack of All or a Master of None?Audi RSQ3
Overall, my experience with the RSQ3 was positive.  Sure, it was obvious at times that this car is built around compromise and isn't focused on any one thing, but the ability switch from a comfortable luxo-barge that almost self drives in heavy traffic to a powerful and well handling sports car through some twisty roads, all with the option to go adventuring off tarmac at any time has a lot of merit.Audi RSQ3


The external styling was best summarized a friend's passing comment: "It kind of looks like a wombat..."  What has been seen can never be unseen!  From the front and rear the RSQ3 is a very attractive vehicle, especially in the RS model's exclusive Misano pearl effect red, but from the side it looks slightly awkward.  The cross-over trade off is painfully obvious.  It's way too high to be a sports car, and sits much lower than you'd expect a 4x4 to be.Audi RSQ3

The RS's aggressive panel accents blend in with the rounder body lines.  Audi's shield grille is complimented by some trick new LED lights, the rear LED tail lights stand out for good reasons too.Audi RSQ3Audi RSQ3
The more time I spent with the Q3, the more it's weird stature grew on me.  It isn't ugly, it's just different.  Like a wombat.  And just like a wombat the RSQ3 is a unique little critter, they're both powerful, packed with plenty of character and tenacity. It's worked well for our furry friend, he's one of our most loved national icons. Only time will tell if it the RSQ3 and the High Performance SUV category will take up a similar role in our hearts.Audi RSQ3
The performance-driven enhancements that are noticeably different to the regular on-looker include sharper styling lines, 20" rims, 6 pot callipers, wave rotors and lowered ride height.  These RS-spec additions make it pretty clear that this is not your standard SUV run-around.Audi RSQ3Audi RSQ3
Overall, it's about as attractive as a wombat can be.  When comparing apples to apples, I'd rate it the most attractive small SUV on the market today.Audi RSQ3


Ze German's practicality plays a central role in the Audi interior.  Important functions are all just a finger's reach from your steering position.  The less important the feature or gizmo is, the further away it is from your driving position.  It's such a simple system for console placement but it works exceptionally well!  The RSQ3 is one of the most comfortable, well built and intuitive interiors I've sat in.Audi RSQ3Audi RSQ3

In addition to the well thought-out layout, the build quality is evident in every corner, button press and stitch.  The genuine carbon inlays and what I'm pretty sure are real aluminium bezels complimented a very well-executed interior.  As you'd expect, the seats had complete electric control with options for height (including separate controls for the front and rear of the seat's base cushion), seat distance, seat backrest tilt and also had 2-axis control for lumbar support. The seats are finished in fine nappa leather, the vehicle I was provided with included the RS Performance package which includes diamond stitching which brings an extra level of class.Audi RSQ3Audi RSQ3
I felt strangely satisfied every single time I grabbed the steering wheel.  I know it makes me sound weird, but the texture and the firmness all felt so damned comfortable and right in my hands.My only gripe, I did find the flat bottom of the wheel slightly annoying when I needed to shuffle hands quickly.  I'm not sure if this is something I'd eventually get used to, but I didn't seem to during the week with the car.Audi RSQ3Audi RSQ3
Space wise, if you've got tall friends they're probably not going to want to sit in the back, but if your main cargo is children and baby seats, you won't have any issues. The boot space is deceptively large for such a small car. I found there was plenty of room for all kinds of fun things.Audi RSQ3
Practicality, luxury and quality. If you're going to be stuck somewhere during the peak hour grind, this is the place to do it.  Apart from the sporty performance, which we'll get to, I'd easily rate the interior as the 2nd best quality of this car.Audi RSQ3Audi RSQ3


The centre dash features a 7" 'infotainment' unit. This is used for navigation, radio, Drive Mode selection, on-board cameras and more. Important information is relayed directly to the driver instrument cluster. The only feature I couldn't find was a coffee making facility. Maybe next year? After half hour of randomly flicking through options I'm pretty sure I had the whole thing nutted out. Most functions were easy to find and even easier to select once I'd found the right menu.My favourite function for the driver display was the lap counter. Did you know it takes roughly 200 seconds from ordering til your first sip of coffee? Now you do!Audi RSQ3

As part of the RS Performance pack, the car I had was equipped with a 465W, 14-speaker Bose stereo as standard.  Clarity was incredible and the depth was impressive considering I left my 2 15" sub-woofers somewhere in my distant past.  My ears were ringing long before I could detect any distortion.  The car plays digital and analogue radio, media from SD Cards and Bluetooth devices.Audi RSQ3
The navigation system is easy to use and intuitive enough that 5 minutes of clicking around will reveal its secrets.  The navigation display integrated into the dash got a lot more use than I thought it would.  It was super handy.  The dash would display single upcoming directions while the main screen would show an overview of the trip.Audi RSQ3
My only real interior complaint is more the shape of the car and not the actual interior.  I felt as though my seating position was too high.  Looking out of the car I felt like I was playing Gran Turismo with the roof view.  Only about 1/3 of the bonnet was visible.


Audi have transplanted the 2.5l TFSI engine from its slimmer and shorter cousin the TT-RS.  The 5-cylinder motor puts out a claimed 228kW and will get you from a standstill to 100km/h in 5.2 seconds.  I tested it out, both alone and with a passenger, and their claim is solid.  Not quite as quick as the rest of the RS family (all sub 4's), but insanely fast for an SUV-styled vehicle.  Most importantly, it's plenty fast enough for some fun times behind the wheel!

Audi RSQ3
It also needs to be said that the 5-banger puts out an amazing note all the way through the rev range.  Whilst in manual mode (paddle or stick), I'd change a little higher than needed just to hear the pops and crackles as the 7 speed dual-clutch switched out gears, or bands, or whatever black magic is inside Audi's new gearboxes.Audi RSQ3
Drivers are spoilt for transmission shifting options with the choice of Drive, Sports or clutchless manual.  Manual can either be through the conventional stick (which felt wrong: forward for up shift, backwards for downshift) or the paddles on the steering wheel.The automatic programming was generally very tight and responsive.  The only time the gears felt slow or delayed was when you were cruising at a third- to half-throttle in traffic.  As noticeable as it was, it's not a deal breaker.
Audi RSQ3
Driving with the shifter in Sports ran basically the same programming as in "regular" Drive, except it'd let the car rev much higher before gears, and kept the revs higher than 3000 for most of the time.  I found it shifting at annoying times through corners, but hey, that's why it's called auto!The manual changes sometimes felt a bit slow through the middle of the rev range, but if you're changing that early it's probably not an issue.  Changing up high though was spot on, almost instant changes every time!  I really enjoyed the responsiveness in manual mode.


As part of Audi's clever electronic black magic, you have two distinct handling options available, and yes, you can really feel the differences.  When you'd prefer a more comfortable drive around town simply dial in 'Comfort' mode.  The suspension is noticeably softer, soaking up bumps but giving the vehicle a little more lean in corners.  The steering dynamic changes, giving you a much lighter wheel.
If you'd prefer some more spirited driving, there is a 'Dynamic' mode.  Firmer suspension, less body movement through corners and a much firmer/heavier steering wheel help you get a better feel as you sail your way through the bends ahead.
There's also an 'Auto' mode if you're happy enough to leave those decisions to the computer.

Audi RSQ3

Being such a different car to the other RS models available, it's not really a fair to give a direct comparison, but since it's sharing the badge it needs to be covered.  The RSQ3 does not handle like a pure sports car, but it does have amazing handling for an SUV.
I did find the car a bit boaty when stopping and starting in either mode.
The Quattro all wheel drive system worked flawlessly.  It felt like there was a front wheel bias through some corners but it wasn't an issue.  The car would push, pull and grip its way around what ever corners you threw underneath her.  You'd really have to be doing something beyond stupid or be facing some incredibly bad conditions to have any issues with the Quattro system.

Audi RSQ3

Electric steering is something that's hanging around, so we may as well get used to it.  Coming from a mechanical steer (Evo IX) to anything with an electric system makes the level of disconnection between you and road very apparent.  It almost makes it all feel more video game and less real life, it detracts from the driving experience.  The lack of feel plus the seat/bonnet set up almost made me feel like I was playing Gran Turismo 800 and not actually driving.  But after a couple of days with the car I'm pretty sure I had forgotten what I was missing and it all felt pretty normal again.
I found the steering in both modes to be helpful, the lighter steering made city driving so much less of a chore, and the dynamic mode had the right level of weight and input.

Audi RSQ3


For an SUV, it's amazing.  For a Sports car, it's lacking.  For a wombat, it's very well mannered. Audi RSQ3 If you're looking for a (very) sporty SUV with plenty of options, this is a solid performer.  If you're looking for something to get your kids to football training in record breaking time with a full boot, or if you like to have your options open, this vehicle was made for you. If your looking for a dedicated race car, or off road explorer, this is probably not the car for you. If you're looking to dabble in all of the above though, the RSQ3 will take you where you want to go. In supreme comfort too. Audi RSQ3

Fun to drive.
Powerful Engine.
Brilliant interior.
Great stereo / Nav.
Handles exceptionally well for an SUV.
Semi Auto Box works well.

Weird seating position.
Small rear seats.
Kind of looks like a wombat.

Japanese Adventure

Late last year I was lucky enough to be chosen by Toyota to accompany them to the Tokyo Auto Salon and spend a high octane week running across Japan with the Toyota media team and the boys from Downshift. That adventure happened last week and I've not long been back in Australia. Overall, the experience was mind blowing, and I will be back to Japan!

I'll be sharing favorite images across my social channels and doing gallery and blog posts for Speed Nation. You can check out the full articles HERE.

I'll also be adding images to this gallery below. So check back over the next few weeks as I more images.

Thank you Toyota Australia for the opportunity to showcase Japan and the amazing adventure we had capturing it!

Japan - Bayside Street Meet

Featured on Speed Nation

The whole group was determined to make the most of our short time in Tokyo. We landed running and had maintained that momentum across the giant concrete jungle. In only 4 days we had seen robots fight over dinner, spent a day at Tokyo Autosalon, visited TRD headquarters and few other workshops, not to mention the sightseeing and exploring. Today was a slightly different pace though, today would be more of a night time adventure as we planned to attack the Daikoku Futo meet that was going down. Everything was coming together nicely, including the weather! What an amazing night!

speed nation tokyo

We ate earlier to ensure a smooth night, just in time to experience the Shinjuku Scramble. If it looks familiar, this is the drift scene intersection in the FF:Tokyo Drift movie. Three cross walks around a 90 degree corner and about a million people. It's organised chaos even without the cars drifting and exploding mid street.

speed nation tokyo

We agreed to meet in the hotel lobby after dinner where we'd meet our driver for the night. The original plan was to head to the Daikoku Futo meet that was going down.


_DSC8985_smallWe saw a smaller meet in a parking complex just off the side of the road. Coincidently Matty from DS had stumbled to this very same car park while lost many years ago. Last time he saw a couple of R35's, we were all hanging to find out what, if anything, was going to be on show tonight.

_DSC8965_smallThe driver noticed our one million cameras and although he didn't speak a lot of English, he stopped the van to show us something awesome. It took some piecing together by Blake-san to work out what his intentions were and that he wasn't simply lost. (NOTE: learn at least basic Japanese before next adventure.) We were directed up on to a bridge and headed towards the lights... That's when we found this guy...


GUNDAM! With a Gundam movie playing behind him! He would light up according to what was happening on screen. The level of detail on this guy was incredible! It could have passed for a real suit! Crazy! When walking back to the van we noticed a few imports... errr.... local modified cars moving towards the parking complex._DSC9077_smallWe followed.


The first car that rolled in behind us was a Nur Spec R34 GTR! The thing was mint!

_DSC9034_small _DSC9050_small

Along with the sweet rides were the chilled out people. We didn't share a single word outside of car parts but we were welcomed by the group, they even handed out 'Bayside Meet' stickers to all of us! As long as we could point, name car parts and smile everyone was happy to show off their cars.


_DSC9073_skmall _DSC9063_small

_DSC9077_small _DSC9078_small _DSC9084_small_DSC9096_small_DSC9100_small

_DSC9088_small _DSC9094_small _DSC9058_small

The cars were spread out across two levels. So we headed down to check out what was on display.


We weren't disappointed. There was such a wide variety of styles and cars on display. Australia really needs to take note and ditch the whole hater thing. It's holding us back.

speed nation speed nation

_DSC9175_small _DSC9184_small _DSC9157_small _DSC9158_small _DSC9162_small

_DSC9186_small _DSC9188_small

Unfortunately, and not unlike a meet at home, we were moved along by the police.


What was different was the relaxed nature of the police, they simply asked the crew to move along and leave the parking space in a respectful manner. Everyone simply moved along with no issues or dramas. Maybe our police should take some lessons too...


Blake, our only hope of translating some poor english into some rough japanese found out from a few of the boys that everyone was heading to Tatsumi Parking Area. So that's exactly where we headed to next. Stay posted for the Tatsumi Coverage on Speed Nation.


#Festivalof86 Gallery

This weekend just gone I was invited to the #Festivalof86. In short, it was a massive car show/party put on by Toyota Australia to celebrate the enthusiastic response by the car community towards their latest offering, the Toyota GT86. It was also Toyota's way of saying 'thank you' to their customers for helping make the GT86 an instant cult classic.

I'm currently writing an article about the day for Speed Nation, so if you'd like to find out more about the day head on over and check it out HERE

In the mean time, enjoy my gallery of #Festivalof86 2014 shots below.

Guest Judging

Last week I had the pleasure of being a guest judge for a photography competition ran by Penrith Council. The theme of the competition was 'Water, the source of life'. The competition is designed to reward local photographic talent and inspire the residents of the Penrith Council to get out and explore their surrounding areas.


Judging was held at the council chambers. Over 170 entries were received across three categories, Open, Youth (18-12) and Kids (11 and under). The bulk of entries were in the Open category and the quality of photography across all categories was outstanding. Especially when you consider the size of the region accepting entries.

Selecting a winner from each category was more difficult than expected. Photos were judged based on how they communicated the theme, how well each image was executed and of course creativity. It was great flicking through the Kids category. The level of creativity was inspiring! I wish I could learn to think like a child again.

Congratulations to all of the winners, and thank you to Penrith Council for extending the invitation to come along and judge the local talent.

World Time Attack Challenge 2014 Highlights

World Time Attack Challenge is a world class motorsport event held at Sydney Motorsport Park.

WTAC is an event based around drivers competing for the fastest outright lap. Instead of racing door to door, car's are spaced out so that they can push their machines and the track to the absolute limit. It doesn't sound as exciting as door to door racing, but trust me, when you see how hard drivers and cars are pushed to be competitive you'll change your mind.

Every single last millimeter of the track is used, cars are pushed past their breaking point and nothing is conserved or held back. Cars are built around massive horse power and aggressive aero packages.

All images were captured on either my Nikon D800 or Nikon D90.

A full feature can be found on Speed Nation. Here is a small collection of some of my highlights from this years event.

Event gallery for drivers and teams can be found here.

[ht_gallery id="1659" name="Heroic Gallery 1659" columns="3"]



Australian Advertising Photographer of the Year 2014!

Earlier this year I entered four photographs into the the Canon AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards.
Professional photographers from Australia and all over the world compete in a number of categories, and for the coveted title of "Professional Photographer of the Year". This year's overall competition judged over 2,800 photos were submitted by more than 750 professional photographers.

My main goal of entering was to see where my work sat in relation to the many other talented artists in the field. The standard of entries into the the APPA's is always quite high, and I knew that some of the people I'd be competing with were people who inspire me and that I hold in high regard.

I submitted the following four photographs for judging.

10382362_692108194199438_1761512190186309961_o (1)

I wasn't completely sure how they judged the images so I selected each of these images to highlight different aspects of my work.
The 34 Coupe to show I can think outside of the box and present high impact images. (Scored 88, Silver Distinction.)
The Toyota 86 rolling show to my technical abilities. (Scored 83, Silver.)
The Green Fing, to demonstrate I my ability to add a narrative to a set of images. (78 points.)
The Ferrari shot shows a combination of extreme natural light with subtle artifical lighting. (78 points.)

Judging took place at Sydney's Luna Park, along with a photography trade show and a whole bunch of other photographic related events. I visited in the afternoon to watch some judging, look at the amazing prints on display and have a look at some of the vendor stands.

The Award ceremony was held at La Montage, a fantastic venue. I decided to take advantage of having so many of Australia's best photographers in one room and attend the Award Ceremony. I was so unprepared when they announced me as the winner!

The most valuable prize was an additional bonus to the recognition and awesome prizes (Trophy, a framed certificate and $1000) . The best thing I have taken away from the experience is the confidence in my work to continue to develop my own style.



Up until this point, apart from some minimal contact with a handful of photographers I've existed in my own little bubble. That bubble has been broken now and this award has given me the drive and motivation to push harder and go further. It's time to level up!

The spoils of war.


I'd like to take this opportunity to give thanks to my family and friends who have supported me, to the all the talented photographers whose work constantly inspires me and to Canon and the AIPP for their role in organising the Australian Professional Photography Awards. The awards are an excellent forum for photographers from across the globe to challenge themselves, gauge their level of work and as I found out on Monday night, an awesome excuse to bring the countries best photographers together to party! :)


Burgo's 'Green Fing'.

I thought I'd share a recent set of shots.

This was built as a replica of one of the wildest Experimental Factory cars to ever come out of Detroit. A Meth injected, short wheel base Plymouth Fury. Full Feature in Street Machine Magazine.

Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer
Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer
Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer
Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer
Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer
Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer
Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer
Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer
Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer
Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer
Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer
Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer
Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer
Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer
Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer
Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer
Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer
Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer
Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer
Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer
Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer
Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer
Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine
Plymouth Fury Experimental Racer
Matthew Everingham Street Machine Magazine

Sydney Vivid Festival Adventure

I missed out on Sydney's Vivid Festival last year, I was under the proverbial pump this year too, but decided that I couldn't not go. At the very last minute possible on a Friday night I decided to throw some camera gear in the car, call a mate and acquire a couple of energy drinks to keep me going.

Knowing the bridge was only illuminated on the western side we started our Vivid Walk on the northern side, parking near Luna Park. The bridge looked amazing!


The colours on the bridge were programmed by the public at an interactive stand (just outside of frame on the shot above).


We jumped back in the car and cruised over to the always popular Blues Point. Stopping along the way to take advantage of this spot we just drove past.


Blues Point was littered with photographers. I had to include just one. I wonder how his photo turned out?


Turns out we spent more time talking and less time walking and shooting. That was it for the night. My mate had work the next day and I was smashed after a massive couple of weeks. We later found out they'd turn most of the lights off at 12pm anyways...

Also, at 7am the next morning my wife went in to labour :) So it was lucky I got that extra rest!

I made my way down to Circular Quay two weeks later, on the very last night. The displays on the Opera House and Museum of Contemporary Art were mind blowingly brilliant!


So many colours!!!
That's Nyan Cat floating across the harbour!


Circular Quay had been taken over by Giant Rabbits!


Warp Speed!


The M.C.A was probably my very favorite display. We sat there to watch the entire show twice before moving on.


The whole city looked amazing! I can't wait for next year's festival now! I'll be armed with a better plan, and hopefully some more time to enjoy it all ;)


I've had a couple of requests for prints already. Yes, Prints are available. Hit the CONTACT page if your interested.

I'm Batman.

Well, no, I'm not really. I do like his cars though! I shot this Australian replica at the Supernova Festival in Sydney last weekend. While there I got to chat with the owner/builder for few minutes and discovered his Batmobile is powered by a 500hp LS6 and is actually road registered in NSW! Zac, the owner, might not use his Batmobile to fight crime, but he does use it for a lot of charity work.

The convention centre at Olympic Park didn't do it any justice so I had a dig through my European shots and found a suitable location in Rome. I spent about an hour in post production to combine the two shots and give it that cinematic feel.

This is the only shot I've got to share right now, but we've teed up a real shoot in the near future at a location that is as good the real Gotham City. Not quite as good as the Bat Cave, but not to far off. Until then, enjoy this HD wallpaper. Feel free to save it and enjoy it on your desktop. :)

1989 Batmobile
Click here for the wallpaper.

Off the beaten path

A couple of weekends ago I went out late one afternoon to grab my first shots 'off road', time was limited so we had to find something fairly close by.


This is what we found.




A night out with Spiderman

I've been planning to do a bit more people work for quite some time now, but a busy schedule always seems to get in the way. Not this time though. I had a fairly open weekend coming up and I really wanted to shoot something different to the usual stuff we see floating around. So I made a few calls and got put on to this guy...

We met up late one evening on a city roof top. We hung out, took some shots and talked about all things super hero. worst villans, favorite powers, uncomfortable costumes and tips on how to win the girl at the end.


Suddenly below us we heard a commotion.... Time to swing into action!

Spidey's spider sense tingled! He dropped me in a safe position before serving some justice to two thugs attacking a girl in a dark alleyway.

Parts of this blog post may or may not have actually happened. Regardless, I hope you enjoyed this set of SpiderMan images.


Thanks to Joshua Cardozo for his awesome costume building skills, modeling ability and time. Thanks to Joshes mates for playing good bad guys!

I've got my next superhero set coming soon, stay tuned.


The Best 12 from 2012

2012 provided a whirlwind of a ride! Looking back at both my progress as an artist and what's been achieved this past 12 months leaves me feeling satisfied. has grown enormously over the last 12 months. It's awesome going to events and hearing people talk so highly of the content :) Originally Autocult was just a side project that my buddy, Kory Leung and I formed as a place for us to practice blogging and work together on bigger events. 2012 saw some super talented individuals join the team and the site needed to move to it's own server to deal with traffic.

Over the last half of the year, I've been working quietly on 'Speed Nation', an automotive themed apparel company. We took our first orders for Christmas and the demand was overwhelming considering it was a completely new idea and style. Expect to see a lot more Speed Nation stuff in 2013.

The biggest highlight for 2012 has been making the transition from online to print media. Being picked up by a couple of mazines. Firstly, 9TRO, a JDM mag that sells across Asia. It's a great compliment to the Aussie car scene that other countries are starting to take a solid interest in what we're getting up and the cars we're building! As well as some features I got to cover World Time Attack for them! (Check my 2012 Motorsport Highlights HERE).

The other, more local magazine I've jumped on board with is Street Machine! Joining the gang at Street Machine is definitely the jewel in the crown for 2012. When I was back in early primary school, I remember conning my old man to part some coin for a stack of  Street Machine mags that stood almost as tall as I was at the time! I loved flicking through those pages, and still do! Only now sometimes I get to see my work between the covers. It's a total buzz to see your work in glossy goodness and not just on a screen. It's also quite a privilege to be sharing pages with some of the guys that inspired me to take my photos further (Easton Chang and Chris Thorogood to name just a few)

Anyway, let's get on the TOP 12 Features for 2012

In no particular order...

There's one more shot that I'd like to share but it hasn't been published yet. You'll just have to keep an eye out on my Facebook page for an update later on in the year :)

Let's go check out my Top 12 Motorsport Highlights from 2012...

Click to see my 2012 Motorsports Highlights.

Bye Bye 2012, Let's get ready for what 2013 has to offer!


Drive Brilliant - Day 3. From the Ocean to the City

We woke up a little later than expected on the Monday, the last two massive days must be catching up to us! Oh well, we can rest and sleep when we're either dead or at least finished our adventure. The show must go on! We left the hotel and stopped for a quick breakfast and coffee at a local cafe and decided that Warrnambool looked to good to not explore, so we headed around town. If I was 12 years old this place would be the best on earth! Heaps of parks (including a maze!), a bmx track, skatepark, beach, rivers and more more more!!! Once we finished our coffee we went for a stroll over the break wall.

Liv was driving the first half of our adventure today, I convinced her to stop in a park so I could run after some ducks and we could race through the maze. I was pumped! I haven't been in a maze since I was tiny. Ready... Set... Go! It was either a really good maze, or I'm a bit slower than most. It took me ages to find the exit, Liv beat me by over a minute haha!

After our little park adventure we jumped in the car and headed back out towards the Great Ocean Road. This time we were to check out the coastline on foot. We stopped in at the usual touristy lookout points but thought we'd use our 4x4 skills and the Santa Fe's satnav again. A few trails didn't really lead anywhere useful, but then we found one trail that took us right the very edge of the world!

As we stood atop the very edge of the limestone cliffs the Antarctic winds blew right through us. I had left my jacket at the Adelaide Hotel in our rush to leave in the morning so the chill factor for me was ridiculous. Liv opted to sit in the car until I could confirm it was worth getting out and braving the wind. It was more than worth it. It was one of the highlights of my entire weekend of adventuring.

I can't explain what made it so special, when you put it down on paper I was standing on a cliff in the wind. Big deal. But it was a big deal! I tried to explain it to Liv in the car as we continued our trip. It just felt right. Like, it felt like I belonged there. The surging waves smashing relentlessly against the colossal cliffs was calming and the cold wind that was cutting through me felt as if it were cleansing me.

If I were travelling alone I could have stood on that cliff in the freezing cold for hours. Even now when I'm writing about it, a wave of calm has come over me. I'm relaxed. I'm Zen. Little Bear loved it too!

Liv and Little Bear sharing their own special moment on the cliff face :p Unfortunately we couldn't stay there long, we had to press on. We had about 500km and another couple of adventures ahead before we could hang up our boots and rest.

As I approached the Santa Fe it also looked as if it were right at home. So I took a couple shots. This car has really grown on me! It looks pretty sexy, handles better than most sedans has some awesome luxury items inside. I could see myself owning one and exploring the country on the weekends :) 'One more shot' I said to Liv, she rolled her eyes knowing full well it wouldn't be just one shot.

We headed on down further to the actual 12 Apostles lookout. As impressive as they were yesterday the sheer scale of these giants didn't really click while flying over them. They're gigantic!

We said goodbye to the ancient Monoliths and continued along the Great Ocean Road through valleys and over hills.

The wide open fields for farming turned into dense rainforests as approached our next stop, Apollo Bay.

Apollo Bay was a little over 2 hours of driving from where we were. Liv was still behind the steering wheel and fell in love with the Santa Fe through the twisty mountain roads. Her smile was infectious and I sat quietly in the passenger seat waiting for us to arrive at our next destination so that I could take the reigns and crack my whip through the next section of road!

As it was I was enjoying snapping with my brand new camera on some of the best scenery I've seen in my entire life! Say 'CHEEESE!!!!"

We descended back down towards sea level and were in awe at Apollo Bay! It was paradise! What a ridiculously great view from the beach! I wonder what it looks like from out on the ocean?

We'd been sitting in the car for a couple hours so the opportunity to stretch legs was more than welcome. After a sandwich each we found our next destination, the local Surf and Kayak Shop. We were going Kayaking out to some rocks to say 'Hi' to some Australian Fur Seals! We met our guide and beach expert James who showed us a thing or two about getting out and maneuvering the kayak through the waves. Everyone agreed, including the bear,  that it'd probably be best if Little Bear sat this adventure out.

So we suited up and headed out into the FREEZING ocean! Who am I kidding, it was nice and refreshing :) The cold was a reminder that we were alive and experiencing life's best today!

We managed to get out past the breaking waves of the beach without falling out or tipping over. Amazing!!! Once we were past the break we paddled out using a couple of reefs for cover from the incoming swell and made our way over towards the Seal's Bachelor Pad.

James told us that all the seals here were males, and they were basically just chilling out, looking for a feed and generally having a good time putting on weight before they headed off to stake their territory and set up a harem of lady seals! Sounds like a good life ;)

They're a playful and inquisitive bunch, some of them came over to see what we were doing and have a bit of swim nearby. The angle on the gopro makes it look as though they're quite far off, but they were playing as close as 10 metres away from the kayaks. It was great, except for the smell. They're a stinky bunch for sure! haha

After we came in to the beach and dropped Liv off James and I went out again for a quick lap of the beach to try and find a few waves to surf in. The tide was high and there wasn't much action but we finally managed to ride one in.  We thanks our host and were on way towards our final destination for our #BrilliantRoadTrip. Thankfully it was now my turn to drive, and the best road of the entire adventure was just ahead. The stretch of Great Ocean Road between Apollo Bay and Geelong! A world famous stretch of road that many locals take every weekend, hell, even international tourists make a point to drive the road purely for it's driving pleasure.

We stopped breifly to look back on where we'd come from...

And then it was on! Like Donkey Kong! The long sweeping bends, the undulating road and the breathtaking scenery make the Great Ocean Road the best driving road in the country, and in the top 10 list of driving roads world wide. Before I set off on my little adventure I was wondering if I'd be limiting myself and be disappointed in the Santa Fe over the sportier Veloster Turbo during this leg of the trip. I can safely say at no point during the GOR was I disappointed.

Sure the Santa Fe has a higher centre of gravity but it's handling made up for it. I was having a great time steering around the bends and cliff faces! I love this little car!

We were making good time on the way up into Melbourne, we saw a sign for a waterfall. I think a waterfall is the only thing we hadn't seen over the last few days, so we decided to pull in for a quick look before we make the final dash into town. I think neither of us wanted to adventure to stop :p

That was the last stop. Time to hit the city to relax and unwind at our final destination, Crown Casino. After over 1200km in 3 days Liv, Little Bear and myself were all relieved to see the skyscaping CBD of Melbourne stretch up towards the sky. We were nearly done!

I have to thank Hyundai for not the whole experience, but also their Speed Camera alert system built into the satnav! Melbourne roads are very sneaky! I wouldn't like to imagine what would have happened if I hadn't had their satnav and speed camera warning systems built in :O
Reluctantly, I handed the key and the car to Valet and retired for some nice wine, a fine dinner and some well deserved rest and relaxation. :D

As we entered the hotel room with our bags the sun was setting on Melbourne's CBD, just as the sun was setting on our #BrilliantRoadTrip. It was seriously one of the best few days of my life and a life changing experience.

The journey has opened my eyes and made me realise I need to make more time to adventure, travel and explore. I'm in absolute awe of just how amazing our country is and the wide diversity of what it has to offer. I'd like to thank Hyundai for the opportunity to adventure and share with you all :) Hopefully we've inspired you to go on your own #BrilliantRoadTrip in the near future. I know I'm already looking into where we're travelling to next. :)

(if you've come in late and missed the first couple of days you can do so here: Day OneDay Two )


Drive Brilliant - Day 2. Crossing Borders.

Waking up in the Beautiful Coonawarra Wine Region to take photos of the rising sun through the vineyards was tough. The day was only going to get tougher with some forests, caves, Mt Gambier's Blue Lake and a helicopter flight along the Great Ocean Road. Yep, it's a hard life sometimes, but someone has to step up to the plate and take one for the team. Yes, I'm selfless! You can thank me later!

Little Bear had an even harder start to the day, soaking up some rays while I was off shooting. Poor Little Bear!

Fancy some early Shiraz?

Liv and I knew we had a massive day ahead and successfully got up early to make the most of it all. We hit the road early in the morning and began our second day in the New Santa Fe.

We didn't see another car travelling in either direction for the best part of half an hour. A weird experience for city dwellers I assure you. It felt like we were the only people left on the entire planet!

We set the Satnav for Mr Gambier and headed south. Time was on our side due to the early start so when we came across the Pembula State Forest we decided to make the most of the Santa Fe's 4x4 ability and detour through some forest trails. Little Bear felt right among the giant Pine trees and ran off to get back to nature.

Liv and took a couple of photos, both of the car and a few selfies for the photo album at home. As we stopped to take a few shots and were greeted by a giant hare and a bounding kangaroo, it was pretty early though and I'm not a morning person, so I missed the opportunity to snap them for you guys.

We re-joined the tarmac and continued down to Mt Gambier, a city built around an extinct volcano and the famous Blue Lake. If you're ever out this way you MUST stop by and check it out! The water is bluer than the sky and it's surrounded by vibrant green trees and yellow flower! It looks more like a painting and less like reality. It's absolutely beautiful!

First stop in Mt Gambier was a subterranean stop. Under the city is a bunch of connected caverns, caves and lakes. We found the Engelbrecht Caves and joined a guided tour that took us below the cities roads and homes. The water in the caverns we saw was on its way to the Blue Lake, a journey that will take somewhere between 500 to 2000 years to make the 10 km journey. It was all very impressive! It's hard to believe that the locals used these caves as a place to dump rubbish from the 1800's all the way up until the 1970's! Local volunteers spent the next 7 years cleaning the site and preparing it to be open to the public. Thanks guys!

We travelled down to about 30 metres below the surface and visited two seperate caves.

And got a bit of insight into the series of underwater lakes and caverns that are accessable from the caves. What's that in the corner there? A diving dummy of course! Let's call him Dave. Divers in the caves need to take 2 of everything, including 2 watches, 2 air tanks, 2 breathers. You wouldn't get many second chances down in the tubes if something goes wrong.

Jumping back in the #BrilliantChariot we cruised across town to the renown Blue Lake. A body of water that exists in an extinct tube of an old volcano which Mt Gambier is built on. Even Little Bear was impressed! Look at that expression of awe on his face! :O He could Bearly contain himself...

And why wouldn't he be? The Blue Lake was the highlight of this leg of the trip, seriously the water is bluer than the sky on the bluest of blue days! We found out the Blue colour comes from the water being filtered through the limestone caverns below and also that it changes colour for a week or so every November. If you’re ever in the neighborhood to stop by! It’s Breathtaking! Yes, that's the actual colour as you see it with your eyes. It's no trick photography!

Next to the Blue Lake is a lookout platform,  Rook Tower, it's not very tall but it's made from old school flagstones. I thought I'd get my James Bond on and give it a climb. Liv had a go too. You can't take kids anywhere these days!

After a quick bite to eat in Mt Gambier we set off to cross the border and an hour later we said 'see ya S.A and Hellllllo Vic!’ The scenery along the way mostly consisted of farm land and commercial forests. I've never seen so many rolls of hay. After a heat discussion about if they'd be comfortable or not Liv and I decided to find out. We pulled over and we're going to try and jump on a bail each, but Liv being the more sensible of us decided that the electric fence was a good enough reason to not find out. I wasn't so easy to deter though. :p I wasn't keen on getting zapped either though. I jumped on the pole with one hand, one foot and some Jedi skills, then leapt for all that I was worth over the fence!

I can confirm that the hay bails are quite comfy! If not for the deadlines we had I probably could caught an hour or sleep up here and not felt to bad about it.

The Dream Team and I saw so many cliche 'Aussie Outback' sights. I know that cliches exist for a reason, but I was still really surprised and excited every time we drove past a settlers shed,

Sheep filled paddocks.

fat cows munching on the green, lush grass.

or my favorite of all, the good old tin windmill!

Speaking of windmills, we even drove past some Wind Farms just inside the South Australian border. I know this next shot isn't the cleanest, but I love it all the same. It tells a great story with no words. If you wanted to get all 'Art Student' you could even read into the motion in the foreground as part of telling the story. I'm not an art student though, so I'll just admit it's nothing more than a well timed shot out the Santa Fe's window while doing 110km/h.

Liv and I paid attention for side roads and tracks leading off the road towards the turbines for a bit of a photo-op.

This was as close as we could get without trespassing or knocking on a strangers door.Check out how small those cows are! The turbine would have been the best part of a kilometer away and it's still towering overhead. After doing some quick homework, These turbines are over 120m tall!

We couldn't stop long though, we had a few hundred kilometres between us and what would be the highlight of the day, and possibly the entire #BrilliantRoadTrip ;) Due to our extra exploring we had some time to make up for. Unfortunately we had to cruise through Port Fairy without stopping and soldier on towards the famous Great Ocean Road. We were booked in for a 4pm helicopter flight over the 12 Apostles and the limestone coastline. Even making our 4pm booking was going to be a massive struggle so we pushed our flight back to 5pm. It’s all about the journey and not the destination right? It was so hard to keep to a schedule when driving through some many brilliant places, places that NEED to be explored! Places like this... THE GREAT OCEAN ROAD!!!

Driving past Port Campbell we could see the water on the Satnav approaching, we were both getting quite excited. As lovely as the country vistas were a change of scenery would be nice, and if that scenery just happens to be the Great Ocean Road well that’s even better :D See the first glimpses of the Ocean to the right?

I’m sitting at the airport right now, waiting to head home and I remember it as it happened only seconds ago. We had just passed through Port Campbell, the road veered sharp right 90 degrees and we saw the first limestone formation poking above the tree line in the distance. It looked like something from an another age, or a video game! We knew were still running  a  bit behind but we both looked at each and silently nodded. We had to stop for a closer inspection of the Sleeping Giants. The very last formations along the Great Ocean Road. We were told that over 80% of people who come to see the 12 apostles miss these two giants. Hence the name ‘sleeping giants’. If you head to along the road from Melbourne, make sure you drive on for another 20 minutes. I don’t know if it’s just because they were the first ones we saw but they were definitely the most impressive.

This was our very first view of the coastline.... Impressive?

Turning around to face the west was almost as impressive a view too!

As much as I could have sat here and just marvelled at the awesomeness on display we had to rush off to our next destination. Hopefully beating those nasty looking clouds that were beginning to roll in from the great south. Luckily the helipad was only a few minutes away and we made our 'late booking' just on time. It was time to see the 12 Apostles for the first time, but we were going to see them from a different angle to most, a very high angle! We drove over a crest and could the chopper in a field to the left. There was a lot of excitement in the cabin for just 2 people and Little Bear :p We were close to heading up!

As we headed across do the coast line I looked south and saw the 12 apostles in the distance for the very first time!

We headed in the opposite direction, back towards where we had come from and into the same direction as those angry looking clouds we spotted earlier. They'd made their way in and were not sitting just off the shoreline. Dark. Menacing.

We pressed on and continued into the dark sky. The temperature inside the chopper dropped dramatically. Suddenly massive blobs of water started pounding the cabin of the chopper. It was a bit of a bumpy ride for a few minutes as the pilot battled the turbulence outside. He wasn't worried so either were we. We were to excited by the whole thing! Even Liv, who's known for worrying a bit more than required on occasion had a massive smile on her face! It just made the adventure even more of an adventure and multiplied the almost mythical feeling that this ancient coastline gave off.

Check the shot above, see those two tiny formations in the middle, scroll up 4 shots.  They're not so tiny after all ;) Just like this next tiny rock... London Bridge.

Now for a sense of scale... yes, that white dot in the upper right is a big tour bus. Amazing!

We made our way to the end of the the Bay of Isles and headed East towards the 12 Apostles and bluer skies. We made our way past other landmark formations like the Seahorse, named for pretty obvious reasons when viewed from above.

We flew to the eastern most part of the tour, to the beginning of the main line of Limestone formations before turning around again to face west, the view that most Melbournites and tourists would have, except from slightly higher of course. As headed east most of  the formations stood alone, isolated. But as we approached the 12 apostles they actually looked like a group of statues. Probably because they're all lined up nice and evenly.

We flew past the Apostles and turned back for a view I had seen before, in magazines, newspapers and on T.V. The whole coastline and all the statues looked like one big chess set from this angle. They didn't look so alone now. 12 Apostles from the air... beyond #Brilliant! ;) You need to come up and try it out for yourself :) Cue dramatic break in clouds... WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!

The broken coast. The clouds really helped amplify the atmosphere. It felt like we had been transported back millions of years ago and were watching the earth form before us. I was half expecting a pterodactyl or some other flying dinosaur to fly past . :p

The adventure was over for the day, we headed back to Warrnambool to our hotel for the evening. The Lady Bay Hotel.

It was more of an apartment than a hotel. After a quick shower and a change of clothes we headed out for a late dinner after very long day on the road and full of adventures. We picked a little Thai restaurant on the main strip, Cattleya Thai, and damn it was the BEST thai that either of us had ever eaten! Every meal was a 10/10! I thought it might have just been because we were hungry, but asked to takeaway what we could finish because it was to good to waste, and it just as good the next day! Shame it's half the country away!

What a day! We crossed states, saw the Blue Lake, explored caves, ran through paddocks, drove from volcanic areas through farmlands to the coast and saw the mighty 12 Apostles from the air all in one day! Today would be in my top 5 days ever! I did plan on writing this post that night, but we didn't get home til after 10pm and we had another massive day ahead tomorrow. It was time to try and catch some Z's in preperation for tomorrow. The final day of the trip.

Drive Brilliant - Day One Done and Dusted.

Welcome to my #BrilliantRoadTrip blog! A few weeks ago I entered a competition that Hyundai were running over facebook, I had to tell them what my 3 days adventure would be and what car I'd choose to do it in. I picked the New Santa Fe and the next few pages will document where the adventure takes us :)

Overall, I aimed to tailor a trip that mixed some outdoor adventure with a bit of luxury in the evenings as a reward. It was also my intention to push myself and challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone. We'll be trekking from a state I've spent 2 days in (with no car) across the border via the coastline into another state that I've only spent 3 days in(with no car). We'll be driving on roads I've never been on and doing it on in a car that's a completely different style of vehicle to what I'm used to ;) Normally I'm found behind the wheel of sports cars, but this adventure will see me piloting a 4x4 to get us from place to place. A change is a good as a holiday right?

So, who is 'Us'? We are the RoadTrippin' Dream Team! There's three of us onour #BrilliantRoadTrip. Me (Hi!), My lovely fiance Olivia and finally 'Little Bear' our trip mascot! Each of us bring something unique to the team and this is why I think we'll make awesome roadtrip buddies.
I'm generally super chilled, relaxed and adventurous. I also get distracted easily, sleep in most days and have no sense of time when I'm having fun and very little regard for time tables, even if they're very important schedules.
Liv is the ying to my yang. She's an awesome organiser and works best when there's a schedule to stick to. She's thorough, logical and has great eye for details I often skip. Liv is also pretty handy for spotting cool stuff roadside that I'd usually not see when I'm in my only little zone.
Little Bear is a lazy but friendly party animal who is great at making new friends and finding places to sleep. He's also a master of Kung Fu, handy to have, just in case stuff gets rough later on. Between ourselves we balance everything out and become a lean mean road trippin' machine!

Now with the introductions done, let's get adventuring! We arrived in Adelaide late last night after a hectic dash across Sydney and it's glorious traffic. Making to check-in with a generous 10 minutes to spare. Our suitcase was a few kg overweight and I was peaking out a bit about missing our flight. It was pretty funny (in hindsight) The dude working on the check-in counter tried to not laugh at me running a million miles an hour and trying to rip laptops and tripods out of the bag. Liv was just laughing at me and he ended up just letting us through, Thanks dude! I'm half surprised security wasn't called for an erratic caucasian male...

The flight was ok, but 2 hours in a seat will make anyone tired. We arrived safe and sound around 10pm and we were picked up and driven straight to our hotel. Neither of us have really had a look at Adelaide so we went for a stroll around the block and stopped in for a beverage at a local establishment. This may be why I was a bit slow to rise in the morning :p But this trip is all about experienced right? ;) Nice view!

Little Bear, or L.B. as I like to call him was right at home in the lap of luxury ;)

This morning we took delivery of our New Santa Fe. It's a beast of a car, looks great, drives well and is packed full of features. The first couple hours of our trip was mostly Liv and I just finding cool little random touches inside the car. It's got variable steering, so Liv could put it on 'comfort' or 'standard' and Icould flick it over to 'Sports' and get a little more response and feedback from the road. Did I mention it's a sexy looking machine?

There's a stacks of other little touches like the drink holders that have little press out tabs so it'll hold both a small coffee or a large coke in the same spot. Or the fact that I can connect my phone directly to the media centre via USB and have full control over my songs and folders via the touch screen. It's a nice car. I wouldn't mind having one to put in my garage ;) ;) Anyway, Let's start our #BrilliantRoadTrip!!!

We headed South East of Adelaide and went past Albert Lake and over the famous Murray River. There we took a slight detour of a few hours and headed South to the Coorong National Park and drove parallel to 130km of beach, swamps and estuaries. There were some amazing views, stuff like nothing we've seen before after being locked up in Sydney for so long.

The highlight of the park and probably today's whole adventure was having to give way to an Echidna crossing the road! We pulled over and ran back to say hello the little critter. Neither Liv, Little Bear nor myself had seen an echidna in the wild before! We named him "Spike" and took a couple of photos before leaving him to continue his journey. He looked like was in a hurry, I'm guessing he had a Hot Date on the other side of the road :p


We stopped off at Kingston Se and found another Aussie icon, the BIG LOBSTER! I had no ideas we had one of those! I'm not suprised though, we've got 'Big' everything else. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense that we should have one.

Turning inland we pressed on into the afternoon towards the world Famous Coonawarra Wine Region. Home to a number of national and even international wine awards. I'm currently sipping  a glass of 'St Mary's 2008 Cab Sav' and it's amazingly good! 10/10!!!! Dinner was just as good! I had the 2nd best steak I've had in my entire life! It was wrapped in expensive bacon (proscuito) for bonus points!

You'll have to jump on my Drive Brilliant page to check out my trendy foody instragrams of dinner :)

We've just finished a massive day! 500km of driving on new roads in a new state! Luckily, the Santa Fe's Sat Nav  was flawless and kept getting us to the next location. I'm not usually one to use satnav, but then again, I'm not usually crossing states I've never visited. Without the nav it would have either been a very long trip (lost forever) or a very short trip (ran out of petrol in the middle of nowhere) Hell, we might have even ended up in Tasmania! We've got another long day full of action and adventure tomorrow, hell, it's going to be bigger than today! Time for bed!

You can catch my live updates and photos from the road at

Street Machine: 2012 Hot Rod Annual

This is my personal highlight for 2012. Being a part of something so amazingly awesome from cover to cover is a good feeling. Sharing pages with the very best in the industry in an end product that you can tell was lovingly crafted and not just pumped out. Even if your not a fan of Hot Rod's you can't not be impressed by the talent, the time and abundance of cool that the 2012 Hot Rod Annual exudes... Check it out in news stands, it'd be very hard to miss.


I got to fulfill mulitple boys dreams in one go.
1) Get up close and play with a alcoholic monster (The car not the owner)
2) Play with smoke and FIRE!!!
3) Midnight BBQ
4) Get featured in a mag I've idolized since I was a kid.

Shooting  Shane Corrs' Concerned, a retro Gasser build that uses only time period correct gear that takes us back to the early 70's and the beginning of what would become the funny car drag scene.


Billboard Status

As you head in towards Sydney along the M4 next time, take advantage of the snail's pace your travelling and keep an eye out for the Bisley Workwear Billboard located just before Centennary Bay Drive, West Bound.

The original shot for the car was taken for the Sieders Racing Team at the Clipsal 500. The shot and the ad, being located near Homebush are being used to tie in with the V8 Supercar season finale at Homebush, the Telstra 500.

It's always nice to see your work published, it's especially nice to see it published at the size of a small house.


Terry’s R34 GTR V-Spec II

There isn't a colour across the spectrum that captures the essence of Japanese Sports Cars more perfectly that Bayside Blue. It somehow mixes all of those emotions and ideas of what kids think a car should be, however it still retains an element of class and sophistication. Now all we need a car with the same properties...

Nissan's R34 GTR V-spec II. Instilling fear in other automotive manufacturers while winning the hearts and souls of car enthusiasts the world over.

Lightpainting – Group shoot 6-2-2011-

Last week saw cyclones and floods across the country, here in Sydney however we had a heat wave that saw the average temperature out my way soaring above 40' with fairly high humidity. If you need to go out and brave the heat you'd almost be better off swimming through the hot, thick air. How am i supposed to do a massive shoot in this weather?Sunday morning rolled along and I opened the blinds to see dark, threatening clouds instead of UV+11ty skies. It was still dry though, so all was well. 10 a.m. Rain. Heavy rain. It only lasted for about 20 minutes though. The cool change it brough along stayed though. Lucky again.

I monitored the weather on my phone and checked the skies like I had a serious case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder all day long. The clouds stayed, but the rain never returned. I was pretty nervous about the rain, probably not as nervous as the 5 car owners with freshly polished rides.

For the first time ever, I had every car at the meeting point at the arranged time! Thanks guys! After we'd all filled up on coffee we moved to the location while the clouds loomed overhead. A few sprinkles were all they brought and the shoot went ahead as planned with no hang ups or dramas. The boys all shared pizza and beer while the shoot went on. Here's some results. I'll post up from the other cars later in the week.

To arrange a similar session for your ride or a group feel free to contact me here.


Deano's R32 GTR

One of the hottest 32's I've seen in a Loooong time. it's right up there with FEAR. Sounds as tough as it looks too, such an angry ride! love it!

4 more cars to be added.


To arrange a similar session for your ride or a group feel free to contact me here.


Last week I got some time in Japanese Tuner Abflug's Ex Demonstration R33 GTR. The body has since been returned to something a little less wild than the original body kit, but she's still packing some serious heat under the bonnet. If there's an engine component that can be replaced or added to gain a few hp it's safe to assume they're installed.

The car has recently been de-tuned to ensure, well, to reduce chances of the monster six from spitting out the gearbox into a million pieces. De-tuned to a tiny 450kW at all four wheels, down from the 500kW it makes on E85. It pays to be conservative sometimes, it is a street car after all. ;)

I was lucky enough go for a quick spin, and yes. It was a quick spin. One of the fastest vehicles i've ever stepped in to. The g force under acceleration smashed what most people would experience under hard breaking. The roar of the engine only intensifying that feel of freedom that only the very powerful can bring.

Afterwards, I enjoyed watching Abflug get some track time and be used in anger. I've always had a soft spot for the note of the RB series, hearing this weapon open up was like a choir of a 1000 beautiful voices screaming at maximum volume in some kind of rough harmony. It was magic.

- This is the ex-HPI cover car "ABFLUG" (issue x)
- Prior owner has made some visual and mechanical changes outlined below.
- Yields 472AWKW on E85.
- Current running on 98 octane pump fuel.

The details:
- 1996 R33 GTR V-Spec
- N1 motor
- T88-34D, has HPC coated turbine housing, and a polished compressor cover and heatshield
- Apexi Power FC Pro ECU with Hand Controller
- Greddy Profec-B Spec II EBC (set to 19psi)
- HKS cams (Unknown size believe high lift 272s)
- OS Giken cam gears
- 2x Z32 AFMs
- 2x Apexi pod filters
- ARC intercooler
- Earls Speed-Flex teflon-lined braided hose and fittings on fuel inlet lines (fume resistant)
- 1000cc injectors
- Nismo fuel reg
- Tomei dual-entry fuel rail
- 3 x 044 external fuel pumps w/ swirl tank.
- 4" custom stainless exhaust from the turbo back
- OS Giken front and rear diffs
- Twin Plate OS Giken clutch

- Full interior trim (incl GTR floor mats, standard seats) all in excellent condition
- Willans Super Sport 4x4 harness on the drivers side, retains standard seat belt
- Triple cluster and white Nismo 320km dash have white LEDs
- Momo steering wheel

- Autometer shift light
- 6x60mm gauges set into the dash above the glovebox. The Greddy 'Warning' meters are all electrical and have adjustable max/min points with recall:
GReddy Warning Oil Pressure
GReddy Warning Oil Temp
GReddy Warning Water Temp
GReddy Warning Exhaust Temp
GReddy Warning Boost Pressure
Greddy Oil Pressure (actually teed into the fuel line to check pressure)
- 2x60mm gauges set in a CF panel in glovebox:
SARD Exhaust pressure
SARD Fuel pressure

- Alpine 6.5" speakers ('6233' front and SPS-170A rear)
- Alpine CDA-9856i headunit
- Alpine MRP-F250 4ch amplifier installed in the boot, custom install by FHRX
- Streetwires 4ga wiring used throughout and Stinger Hyper RCA cables

Wheels / Suspension
- Lenso D1 18x10 super lightweight rims with Kuhmo 265/35 tyres
- HKS height adjustable coilovers

On the Dyno

The Putty rd

There's a massive shortage of good roads in, and around Sydney. I'm not complaining about pot holes, or traffic lights. I'm whinging about the excessive tolls on the roads we pay taxes for. I'm talking about the lack of roads that are actually fun to drive on or have really really beatiful scenery. When was the last time you drove somewhere for the drive and not for the destination? I bet it was a long time ago.

The Putty Road lies between Windsor and Singleton. It's about a 2.5 hour drive each way and just a superb drive. Massive trees and ferns line the road and overhang creating a green canopy, the road curves and dips almost in a playful manner. Streams and creeks flow nearby and the views of the Blue Mountains are awesome. Just remember to watch out for Kamakaze Motorcylists!!!

Singleton has about 40 pubs, so finding a feed at the other end isn't a chore. I went up with the Skylines Australia boys. Roughly 60 cars in total. Everyone was fed and happy with the drive. I recommend the trip if you've got nothing exciting planned this weekend. :)

PUTTY ROAD MAP << Check it out!