Check my 2011 Automotive Photography Award Entries

Zen Garage, Circuit Club, JDMStyleTuning and Blurb have joined forces and created the first annual Automotive Photography Award Competition. Recognising the unique skills and perspective required for shooting in the automotive world.

First off, let me tell you it’s almost impossible to find and select just ONE photo you call your Favorite. I struggled for a few days over which shots to pick, and if I was to reselect them today, I’d probably choose completely different shots for each category. SO many images speak to you about different things at the same time. Anyway…. here are my submissions. Click each shot for a link to the page. You can “like” each shot if you wish 🙂

Location: I was asked to shoot the Sieders Racing V8 Supercar for some new promotional material on location at Eastern Creek Raceway.

Past the Apex.

Portrait: Tarzan Yamda is well known for his wild, loud, fun attitude. During this shot I got to see a side that’s often hidden as he takes a quiet moment to think about the challenge ahead.

Portrait: Tarzan Yamada. "The Samari Prepares."

Motorsport: The Mercury Motosport R35 streaks across the landscape at high speed, leaving nothing but a trail of colours in it’s wake.

Motorsport: Speed is art.