Covering Beau’s 2JZ 86

I love print media! It has a completely different feel and look to digital and online stuff. I love that it has a texture and you can touch it. It’s tangible.

I’ve had a quite a few partial covers and a few non performance motoring covers, but this month’s Japanese Import mag has my first full cover on a performance car mag! Earlier this year I was invited to a private shake down by Aussie drifting star Beau Yates. After months of work, basically a complete teardown and rebuild of the chassis, his 2JZ powered monster was ready for testing (and also a quick photo shoot 😉 ) The cover story gets a nine page spread inside! Go Beau!

It’s an 86 flavoured month, with 8 pages of coverage from the #Festivalof86 in a special 86 themed Performance Import magazine also on shelves right now.





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