Drive Brilliant – Day One Done and Dusted.

Welcome to my #BrilliantRoadTrip blog! A few weeks ago I entered a competition that Hyundai were running over facebook, I had to tell them what my 3 days adventure would be and what car I’d choose to do it in. I picked the New Santa Fe and the next few pages will document where the adventure takes us 🙂

Overall, I aimed to tailor a trip that mixed some outdoor adventure with a bit of luxury in the evenings as a reward. It was also my intention to push myself and challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone. We’ll be trekking from a state I’ve spent 2 days in (with no car) across the border via the coastline into another state that I’ve only spent 3 days in(with no car). We’ll be driving on roads I’ve never been on and doing it on in a car that’s a completely different style of vehicle to what I’m used to 😉 Normally I’m found behind the wheel of sports cars, but this adventure will see me piloting a 4×4 to get us from place to place. A change is a good as a holiday right?

So, who is ‘Us’? We are the RoadTrippin’ Dream Team! There’s three of us onour #BrilliantRoadTrip. Me (Hi!), My lovely fiance Olivia and finally ‘Little Bear’ our trip mascot! Each of us bring something unique to the team and this is why I think we’ll make awesome roadtrip buddies.
I’m generally super chilled, relaxed and adventurous. I also get distracted easily, sleep in most days and have no sense of time when I’m having fun and very little regard for time tables, even if they’re very important schedules.
Liv is the ying to my yang. She’s an awesome organiser and works best when there’s a schedule to stick to. She’s thorough, logical and has great eye for details I often skip. Liv is also pretty handy for spotting cool stuff roadside that I’d usually not see when I’m in my only little zone.
Little Bear is a lazy but friendly party animal who is great at making new friends and finding places to sleep. He’s also a master of Kung Fu, handy to have, just in case stuff gets rough later on. Between ourselves we balance everything out and become a lean mean road trippin’ machine!

Now with the introductions done, let’s get adventuring! We arrived in Adelaide late last night after a hectic dash across Sydney and it’s glorious traffic. Making to check-in with a generous 10 minutes to spare. Our suitcase was a few kg overweight and I was peaking out a bit about missing our flight. It was pretty funny (in hindsight) The dude working on the check-in counter tried to not laugh at me running a million miles an hour and trying to rip laptops and tripods out of the bag. Liv was just laughing at me and he ended up just letting us through, Thanks dude! I’m half surprised security wasn’t called for an erratic caucasian male…

The flight was ok, but 2 hours in a seat will make anyone tired. We arrived safe and sound around 10pm and we were picked up and driven straight to our hotel. Neither of us have really had a look at Adelaide so we went for a stroll around the block and stopped in for a beverage at a local establishment. This may be why I was a bit slow to rise in the morning :p But this trip is all about experienced right? 😉 Nice view!

Little Bear, or L.B. as I like to call him was right at home in the lap of luxury 😉

This morning we took delivery of our New Santa Fe. It’s a beast of a car, looks great, drives well and is packed full of features. The first couple hours of our trip was mostly Liv and I just finding cool little random touches inside the car. It’s got variable steering, so Liv could put it on ‘comfort’ or ‘standard’ and Icould flick it over to ‘Sports’ and get a little more response and feedback from the road. Did I mention it’s a sexy looking machine?

There’s a stacks of other little touches like the drink holders that have little press out tabs so it’ll hold both a small coffee or a large coke in the same spot. Or the fact that I can connect my phone directly to the media centre via USB and have full control over my songs and folders via the touch screen. It’s a nice car. I wouldn’t mind having one to put in my garage 😉 😉 Anyway, Let’s start our #BrilliantRoadTrip!!!

We headed South East of Adelaide and went past Albert Lake and over the famous Murray River. There we took a slight detour of a few hours and headed South to the Coorong National Park and drove parallel to 130km of beach, swamps and estuaries. There were some amazing views, stuff like nothing we’ve seen before after being locked up in Sydney for so long.

The highlight of the park and probably today’s whole adventure was having to give way to an Echidna crossing the road! We pulled over and ran back to say hello the little critter. Neither Liv, Little Bear nor myself had seen an echidna in the wild before! We named him “Spike” and took a couple of photos before leaving him to continue his journey. He looked like was in a hurry, I’m guessing he had a Hot Date on the other side of the road :p


We stopped off at Kingston Se and found another Aussie icon, the BIG LOBSTER! I had no ideas we had one of those! I’m not suprised though, we’ve got ‘Big’ everything else. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense that we should have one.

Turning inland we pressed on into the afternoon towards the world Famous Coonawarra Wine Region. Home to a number of national and even international wine awards. I’m currently sipping  a glass of ‘St Mary’s 2008 Cab Sav’ and it’s amazingly good! 10/10!!!! Dinner was just as good! I had the 2nd best steak I’ve had in my entire life! It was wrapped in expensive bacon (proscuito) for bonus points!

You’ll have to jump on my Drive Brilliant page to check out my trendy foody instragrams of dinner 🙂

We’ve just finished a massive day! 500km of driving on new roads in a new state! Luckily, the Santa Fe’s Sat Nav  was flawless and kept getting us to the next location. I’m not usually one to use satnav, but then again, I’m not usually crossing states I’ve never visited. Without the nav it would have either been a very long trip (lost forever) or a very short trip (ran out of petrol in the middle of nowhere) Hell, we might have even ended up in Tasmania! We’ve got another long day full of action and adventure tomorrow, hell, it’s going to be bigger than today! Time for bed!

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