Last week I got some time in Japanese Tuner Abflug’s Ex Demonstration R33 GTR. The body has since been returned to something a little less wild than the original body kit, but she’s still packing some serious heat under the bonnet. If there’s an engine component that can be replaced or added to gain a few hp it’s safe to assume they’re installed.

The car has recently been de-tuned to ensure, well, to reduce chances of the monster six from spitting out the gearbox into a million pieces. De-tuned to a tiny 450kW at all four wheels, down from the 500kW it makes on E85. It pays to be conservative sometimes, it is a street car after all. 😉

I was lucky enough go for a quick spin, and yes. It was a quick spin. One of the fastest vehicles i’ve ever stepped in to. The g force under acceleration smashed what most people would experience under hard breaking. The roar of the engine only intensifying that feel of freedom that only the very powerful can bring.

Afterwards, I enjoyed watching Abflug get some track time and be used in anger. I’ve always had a soft spot for the note of the RB series, hearing this weapon open up was like a choir of a 1000 beautiful voices screaming at maximum volume in some kind of rough harmony. It was magic.

– This is the ex-HPI cover car “ABFLUG” (issue x)
– Prior owner has made some visual and mechanical changes outlined below.
– Yields 472AWKW on E85.
– Current running on 98 octane pump fuel.

The details:
– 1996 R33 GTR V-Spec
– N1 motor
– T88-34D, has HPC coated turbine housing, and a polished compressor cover and heatshield
– Apexi Power FC Pro ECU with Hand Controller
– Greddy Profec-B Spec II EBC (set to 19psi)
– HKS cams (Unknown size believe high lift 272s)
– OS Giken cam gears
– 2x Z32 AFMs
– 2x Apexi pod filters
– ARC intercooler
– Earls Speed-Flex teflon-lined braided hose and fittings on fuel inlet lines (fume resistant)
– 1000cc injectors
– Nismo fuel reg
– Tomei dual-entry fuel rail
– 3 x 044 external fuel pumps w/ swirl tank.
– 4″ custom stainless exhaust from the turbo back
– OS Giken front and rear diffs
– Twin Plate OS Giken clutch

– Full interior trim (incl GTR floor mats, standard seats) all in excellent condition
– Willans Super Sport 4×4 harness on the drivers side, retains standard seat belt
– Triple cluster and white Nismo 320km dash have white LEDs
– Momo steering wheel

– Autometer shift light
– 6x60mm gauges set into the dash above the glovebox. The Greddy ‘Warning’ meters are all electrical and have adjustable max/min points with recall:
GReddy Warning Oil Pressure
GReddy Warning Oil Temp
GReddy Warning Water Temp
GReddy Warning Exhaust Temp
GReddy Warning Boost Pressure
Greddy Oil Pressure (actually teed into the fuel line to check pressure)
– 2x60mm gauges set in a CF panel in glovebox:
SARD Exhaust pressure
SARD Fuel pressure

– Alpine 6.5″ speakers (‘6233’ front and SPS-170A rear)
– Alpine CDA-9856i headunit
– Alpine MRP-F250 4ch amplifier installed in the boot, custom install by FHRX
– Streetwires 4ga wiring used throughout and Stinger Hyper RCA cables

Wheels / Suspension
– Lenso D1 18×10 super lightweight rims with Kuhmo 265/35 tyres
– HKS height adjustable coilovers

On the Dyno