I’m Batman.

Well, no, I’m not really. I do like his cars though! I shot this Australian replica at the Supernova Festival in Sydney last weekend. While there I got to chat with the owner/builder for few minutes and discovered his Batmobile is powered by a 500hp LS6 and is actually road registered in NSW! Zac, the owner, might not use his Batmobile to fight crime, but he does use it for a lot of charity work.

The convention centre at Olympic Park didn’t do it any justice so I had a dig through my European shots and found a suitable location in Rome. I spent about an hour in post production to combine the two shots and give it that cinematic feel.

This is the only shot I’ve got to share right now, but we’ve teed up a real shoot in the near future at a location that is as good the real Gotham City. Not quite as good as the Bat Cave, but not to far off. Until then, enjoy this HD wallpaper. Feel free to save it and enjoy it on your desktop. 🙂

1989 Batmobile
Click here for the wallpaper.

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