VRRRRRT VRRRRRRT‘ my phone buzzed at me from my pocket. I had forgotten to take it off vibrate again. I nearly missed the phonecall! Luckily I pulled my phone out and answered just in time. ‘Yo…’ I answered display the full power of my phone etiquette. I was greeted by a slightly more American voice than I was expecting. Telemarketer perhaps? Wrong! It was Chris from Hyundai Australia calling to share some excellent news!!!
I was going on a 3 Day Road Trip with up to $5k to cover all my adventures and acommodation! AWESOME!!! I had entered the Hyundai ‘Drive Brilliant’ competition a couple of weeks ago, I never win anything, so entertaining the idea of the road trip left my mind a day or so after I finished entering. I was NOT expecting this phone call! It made my day 😀


Good news for you guys/girls too! I plan on documenting the trip and sharing the experience with my online family :) You’ll be able to follow the adventure via facebook, tweets & instagram from the road and then I’ll be sharing some more polished images, videos and highlights from the trip in blog form later on! Double good news, I picked up a new super dooper camera last week and I’m hanging to get it out there and see what it can do when it’s pointed towards some of the best sights Australia has to offer! Can’t wait to point it at our coast!

You can add me on the following media if don’t already have me as a contact:
Facebook: Matthew.Everingham.10 & My Photography page: MatthewEveringhamPhotography
Twitter: @MattEveringham
Instagram: the_matboy

I’ve been told that most of my online content will be combined into one feed over on the Brilliant Roadtrip website: http://drivebrilliant.hyundai.com.au/ You can also check out what the other 9 Road Trippers have been up to!

So where are we going? We’re going on an epic trip from Radelaide via the coast then back up north to the Coonawarra Wine Region. Then we’re heading south to Mt Gambier and on to Warrnambool. Finally we’ll do the the Great Ocean Road in the heart of Victoria and even the heart of Melbourne, Crown Casino! We’ve got a few adventures planned, but you’ll have to wait and see to find out what exactly is in store :) I’ll be taking my lovely fiance, Olivia, along with a whole bunch of camera gear to help me share the experience with you guys!


It’s a pretty big trip for someone whose only spent less than a handful of days outside of N.S.W.!
I spent all night arguing with myself over what car to take, I even asked my facebook buddies to help me make my mind up. The obvious choice is the Veloster Turbo right?

I allllllllmost picked it! But since I was already throwing myself in the deep end by flying to state I know nothing about to drive on unknown roads to another state that I know little about, I thought it might be more fun to drive a completely different style of car to what I’m used to driving. So the obvious choice was the The New Santa Fe! (in silver of course.) Way to throw myself in the deep end! :O

So I hope you’ll jump on board, feel free to jump on and say ‘Hi’ or suggest ideas/locations/etc over facebook.

Here’s to Driving Brilliant! :) Talk to you soon!