Japan – Bayside Street Meet

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The whole group was determined to make the most of our short time in Tokyo. We landed running and had maintained that momentum across the giant concrete jungle. In only 4 days we had seen robots fight over dinner, spent a day at Tokyo Autosalon, visited TRD headquarters and few other workshops, not to mention the sightseeing and exploring. Today was a slightly different pace though, today would be more of a night time adventure as we planned to attack the Daikoku Futo meet that was going down. Everything was coming together nicely, including the weather! What an amazing night!

speed nation tokyo

We ate earlier to ensure a smooth night, just in time to experience the Shinjuku Scramble. If it looks familiar, this is the drift scene intersection in the FF:Tokyo Drift movie. Three cross walks around a 90 degree corner and about a million people. It’s organised chaos even without the cars drifting and exploding mid street.

speed nation tokyo

We agreed to meet in the hotel lobby after dinner where we’d meet our driver for the night. The original plan was to head to the Daikoku Futo meet that was going down.


_DSC8985_smallWe saw a smaller meet in a parking complex just off the side of the road. Coincidently Matty from DS had stumbled to this very same car park while lost many years ago. Last time he saw a couple of R35’s, we were all hanging to find out what, if anything, was going to be on show tonight.

_DSC8965_smallThe driver noticed our one million cameras and although he didn’t speak a lot of English, he stopped the van to show us something awesome. It took some piecing together by Blake-san to work out what his intentions were and that he wasn’t simply lost. (NOTE: learn at least basic Japanese before next adventure.) We were directed up on to a bridge and headed towards the lights… That’s when we found this guy…


GUNDAM! With a Gundam movie playing behind him! He would light up according to what was happening on screen. The level of detail on this guy was incredible! It could have passed for a real suit! Crazy! When walking back to the van we noticed a few imports… errr…. local modified cars moving towards the parking complex._DSC9077_smallWe followed.


The first car that rolled in behind us was a Nur Spec R34 GTR! The thing was mint!

_DSC9034_small _DSC9050_small

Along with the sweet rides were the chilled out people. We didn’t share a single word outside of car parts but we were welcomed by the group, they even handed out ‘Bayside Meet’ stickers to all of us! As long as we could point, name car parts and smile everyone was happy to show off their cars.


_DSC9073_skmall _DSC9063_small

_DSC9077_small _DSC9078_small _DSC9084_small_DSC9096_small_DSC9100_small

_DSC9088_small _DSC9094_small _DSC9058_small

The cars were spread out across two levels. So we headed down to check out what was on display.


We weren’t disappointed. There was such a wide variety of styles and cars on display. Australia really needs to take note and ditch the whole hater thing. It’s holding us back.

speed nation speed nation

_DSC9175_small _DSC9184_small _DSC9157_small _DSC9158_small _DSC9162_small

_DSC9186_small _DSC9188_small

Unfortunately, and not unlike a meet at home, we were moved along by the police.


What was different was the relaxed nature of the police, they simply asked the crew to move along and leave the parking space in a respectful manner. Everyone simply moved along with no issues or dramas. Maybe our police should take some lessons too…


Blake, our only hope of translating some poor english into some rough japanese found out from a few of the boys that everyone was heading to Tatsumi Parking Area. So that’s exactly where we headed to next. Stay posted for the Tatsumi Coverage on Speed Nation.


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