Lightpainting – Group shoot 6-2-2011-

Last week saw cyclones and floods across the country, here in Sydney however we had a heat wave that saw the average temperature out my way soaring above 40′ with fairly high humidity. If you need to go out and brave the heat you’d almost be better off swimming through the hot, thick air. How am i supposed to do a massive shoot in this weather?Sunday morning rolled along and I opened the blinds to see dark, threatening clouds instead of UV+11ty skies. It was still dry though, so all was well. 10 a.m. Rain. Heavy rain. It only lasted for about 20 minutes though. The cool change it brough along stayed though. Lucky again.

I monitored the weather on my phone and checked the skies like I had a serious case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder all day long. The clouds stayed, but the rain never returned. I was pretty nervous about the rain, probably not as nervous as the 5 car owners with freshly polished rides.

For the first time ever, I had every car at the meeting point at the arranged time! Thanks guys! After we’d all filled up on coffee we moved to the location while the clouds loomed overhead. A few sprinkles were all they brought and the shoot went ahead as planned with no hang ups or dramas. The boys all shared pizza and beer while the shoot went on. Here’s some results. I’ll post up from the other cars later in the week.

To arrange a similar session for your ride or a group feel free to contact me here.


Deano’s R32 GTR

One of the hottest 32’s I’ve seen in a Loooong time. it’s right up there with FEAR. Sounds as tough as it looks too, such an angry ride! love it!

4 more cars to be added.


To arrange a similar session for your ride or a group feel free to contact me here.