Street Machine: 2012 Hot Rod Annual

This is my personal highlight for 2012. Being a part of something so amazingly awesome from cover to cover is a good feeling. Sharing pages with the very best in the industry in an end product that you can tell was lovingly crafted and not just pumped out. Even if your not a fan of Hot Rod’s you can’t not be impressed by the talent, the time and abundance of cool that the 2012 Hot Rod Annual exudes… Check it out in news stands, it’d be very hard to miss.


I got to fulfill mulitple boys dreams in one go.
1) Get up close and play with a alcoholic monster (The car not the owner)
2) Play with smoke and FIRE!!!
3) Midnight BBQ
4) Get featured in a mag I’ve idolized since I was a kid.

Shooting  Shane Corrs’ Concerned, a retro Gasser build that uses only time period correct gear that takes us back to the early 70’s and the beginning of what would become the funny car drag scene.