Sydney Vivid Festival Adventure

I missed out on Sydney’s Vivid Festival last year, I was under the proverbial pump this year too, but decided that I couldn’t not go. At the very last minute possible on a Friday night I decided to throw some camera gear in the car, call a mate and acquire a couple of energy drinks to keep me going.

Knowing the bridge was only illuminated on the western side we started our Vivid Walk on the northern side, parking near Luna Park. The bridge looked amazing!


The colours on the bridge were programmed by the public at an interactive stand (just outside of frame on the shot above).


We jumped back in the car and cruised over to the always popular Blues Point. Stopping along the way to take advantage of this spot we just drove past.


Blues Point was littered with photographers. I had to include just one. I wonder how his photo turned out?


Turns out we spent more time talking and less time walking and shooting. That was it for the night. My mate had work the next day and I was smashed after a massive couple of weeks. We later found out they’d turn most of the lights off at 12pm anyways…

Also, at 7am the next morning my wife went in to labour 🙂 So it was lucky I got that extra rest!

I made my way down to Circular Quay two weeks later, on the very last night. The displays on the Opera House and Museum of Contemporary Art were mind blowingly brilliant!


So many colours!!!
That’s Nyan Cat floating across the harbour!


Circular Quay had been taken over by Giant Rabbits!


Warp Speed!


The M.C.A was probably my very favorite display. We sat there to watch the entire show twice before moving on.


The whole city looked amazing! I can’t wait for next year’s festival now! I’ll be armed with a better plan, and hopefully some more time to enjoy it all 😉


I’ve had a couple of requests for prints already. Yes, Prints are available. Hit the CONTACT page if your interested.

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