The Best 12 from 2012

2012 provided a whirlwind of a ride! Looking back at both my progress as an artist and what’s been achieved this past 12 months leaves me feeling satisfied. has grown enormously over the last 12 months. It’s awesome going to events and hearing people talk so highly of the content ūüôā Originally Autocult was just a side project that my buddy, Kory Leung and I formed as a place for us to practice blogging and work together on bigger events. 2012 saw some super talented individuals join the team and the site needed to move to it’s own server to deal with traffic.

Over the last half of the year, I’ve been working quietly on ‘Speed Nation’, an automotive themed apparel company. We took our first orders for Christmas and the demand was overwhelming considering it was a completely new idea and style. Expect to see a lot more Speed Nation stuff in 2013.

The biggest highlight for 2012 has been making the transition from online to print media. Being picked up by a couple of mazines. Firstly, 9TRO, a JDM mag that sells across Asia. It’s a great compliment to the Aussie car scene that other countries are starting to take a solid interest in what we’re getting up and the cars we’re building! As well as some features I got to cover World Time Attack for them! (Check my 2012 Motorsport Highlights HERE).

The other, more local magazine I’ve jumped on board with is Street Machine! Joining the gang at Street Machine is¬†definitely¬†the jewel in the crown for 2012. When I was back in early primary school, I remember conning my old man to part some coin for a stack of ¬†Street Machine mags that stood almost as tall as I was at the time! I loved flicking through those pages, and still do! Only now sometimes I get to see my work between the covers. It’s a total buzz to see your work in glossy goodness and not just on a screen. It’s also quite a¬†privilege¬†to be sharing pages with some of the guys that inspired me to take my photos further (Easton Chang and Chris Thorogood to name just a few)

Anyway, let’s get on the TOP 12 Features for 2012

In no particular order…

There’s one more shot that I’d like to share but it hasn’t been published yet. You’ll just have to keep an eye out on my Facebook page for an update later on in the year ūüôā

Let’s go check out my Top 12 Motorsport Highlights from 2012…

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Bye Bye 2012, Let’s get ready for what 2013 has to offer!