The Prestige Collection

Audi Australia and Hertz have recently partnered up to deliver the Audi A3, A4, Q5 and Q7 to the prestige arm of their Australian fleet for hire.


To let the world know about this awesome new arrangement a full set of images were required. We handled the shoot as two smaller sets. A studio set for car selection on the Hertz point of sale. We also did a lifestyle shoot, which I’ll cover in a separate blog.

We used the Good Egg studio in Sydney. The space, equipment and staff are second to none in Sydney, maybe even the Southern Hemisphere. The space worked out perfectly for the indivdual shots, but we needed more space to execute the idea for the group shoot. We’ll get to that after the BTS photography shots though!  Here are a few images captured by my assistants through out the day:

matthew everingham audi studio matthew everingham audi studio matthew everingham audi studio matthew everingham audi studio

At one stage we were using around 10-12 hot (constant lights) for one car, and taking multiple exposures just to be sure we had captured absolutely everything we’d possibly need to keep the post production as natural to the environment as possible. The results can be seen below. Enjoy!

Audi A3


Audi A4

Audi Q5

Audi Q7

We took advantage of our time in the studio and shot a group shot of all four models. Although we were shooting inside a massive studio space, squeezing four cars inside with a good amount of space between them proved to be impossible. So we ended up taking two  seperate shots and combining them in post production. To make sure that everything would line up and have the correct perspective we took about 1,000 measurements of the space before setting up and moving the cars around.


We wanted to give our end user, Hertz, the most flexibility possible, so we intentionally kept the shot as simple as possible to not limit options later on. The brief was pretty loose and I’d rather revisit a set than find out that I’d spent hours delivering something restricted a client. However, once the safe image was delivered I gave our group shot a second, more personal edit. I applied the same principals that shape Audi to the wonder city of Sydney. Cutting edge. Modern. Sleek. Elegant and Refined.



Next up was the lifestyle segment of the shoot… More to come…

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