I’ve recently finished off a couple of group shoot nights with the boys from Skylines Australia. This time the focus was on capturing motion. The shots were taken using my purpose built rig. Over 2 Friday nights we went through 9 cars, 1 case and a half dozen pizza’s. A few extra’s came along to chill out and talk shop on both nights which was nice. These group shoots always end up just being mates talking crap around the shoot action. It’s a good thing! It’s almost therapeutic 😉

If you, or your club would like to arrange something similar shoot me an email and we’ll get talking!

I’d also like to extend a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Kory Leung and Nick Tyuau for their help on each respective night. Rig work requires 4 hands! 2x High Fives for each of you!

So what’s involved in capturing these moving shots? Notice how the car is absolutely sharp and the body appears static, while the the entire scene around the car is moving at 100km/h? You’ve probably seen this effect 100 times on car ad posters or covers of magazines. This type of shot is typically called a ‘rig shot’, because the camera is rigged to the car via a massive boom. To get the shot right it take a lot of prep work, planning and careful execution.

Once you’ve got the shot, they usually require quite a bit of time post processing the image and removing the boom from the shot.
Here’s a before and after shot. This was a nice and simple job, but even a simple job isn’t as simple as it first appears. Your brain knows exactly what it’s looking for, and if there’s something wrong your eye will automatically pick up it up and the whole shot is ruined.

There’s no denying these shots are a LOT of work but the results speak for themselves!

Less talky talky, more piccy piccy!  Here are the cars, in the order they were shot.

Matt’s Immaculate R34 GTR. One of the cleanest cars I’ve ever seen, and it’s black! Amazing!

Andrew’s Shiney R33 GTR – Nice offset dude!

Steve’s Perfect S14a. So clean and with such tasteful mods…

Damo’s R34 4 door, yes 4 door!

Brett’s Midnight Blue R32 GTR, It’s a very rare factory colour believe it or not!

DVS Performance R32 GTR, in Autech Silver (green)! This car is incredibly tough! You need to hear it kick over to understand!

Joe’s R34 GT-t, the little brother of the GTR. We found some really awesome angles on this ride.

Brett’s Taxi F6 Typhoon, Brett’s favorite toy might be the midnight blue R32 back up the page, but it’s a hard choice to make when your “daily driver” punches out 400kW at the wheels…

Last by not least… Terry’s R34 GTR Vspec II. More images of this can be found here. Bayside Blue with carbon always manages to turn heads…

Hopefully you enjoyed the set as much as I enjoyed producing them :)

If you or your club are interested in a similar styled shoot send me an email and we’ll get talking!