One Very Aggro R34

I’ve just finished up a set for Dave and his red R34, just in time too it seems, as the car is now off the road following a minor off track detour down at Wakefield Park.

If you’re paying attention the shots you may notice the GT badging. Dave has had his car for a few years, it was originally non turbo (P plater purchase), but has since had a snail, a computer and some pipe work added once Dave’s driving restrictions were lifted.

Dave’s car looks very JDM and very tough. red and black are a great combo on an aggressively angled car. The addition of some creative cable ties and some battle damage adds to the tough street appeal of this ride.
I’ve tried to run with a consistant style across these shots to really bring out the intensity of the red and how much it suits the angles of the R34. All in all, I’m quite happy with the results, as is Dave, which is more important :p

Enjoy the shots boys and girl!