The Putty rd

There’s a massive shortage of good roads in, and around Sydney. I’m not complaining about pot holes, or traffic lights. I’m whinging about the excessive tolls on the roads we pay taxes for. I’m talking about the lack of roads that are actually fun to drive on or have really really beatiful scenery. When was the last time you drove somewhere for the drive and not for the destination? I bet it was a long time ago.

The Putty Road lies between Windsor and Singleton. It’s about a 2.5 hour drive each way and just a superb drive. Massive trees and ferns line the road and overhang creating a green canopy, the road curves and dips almost in a playful manner. Streams and creeks flow nearby and the views of the Blue Mountains are awesome. Just remember to watch out for Kamakaze Motorcylists!!!

Singleton has about 40 pubs, so finding a feed at the other end isn’t a chore. I went up with the Skylines Australia boys. Roughly 60 cars in total. Everyone was fed and happy with the drive. I recommend the trip if you’ve got nothing exciting planned this weekend. 🙂

PUTTY ROAD MAP << Check it out!